Drown me in bike share.
Drown me in bike share. smkstoll/Getty Images

Dang, Jay, leave some cash for the rest of us: Governor Jay Inslee has gone $400,000 over budget this year for his travel security (the State Patrol's Executive Protection Unit), partially due to his out-of-state trips, which are described as “political events and official business.” The troopers who go with Inslee are required to stay close to him, resulting in at least one interesting charge for troopers renting cross-country skis while in Montana.

The Fearsome and Frolicsome Fiefdom of Fremont rebuilds stolen guidepost: Maybe you remember the local atrocity, on that fateful Tuesday, November 6, when some loser broke down and made off with Fremont’s “Center of the Universe” sign. In typical Fremont fashion, the community is coming together to rebuild the lovable sign. As Maque daVis, the person who designed the original sign, says, “You can break it, you can steal our art, but we’re going to make more.” To add on to that beautiful message, which almost reads as an invitation to continue taking the sign—please just don’t.

Starting today, you may have to climb over more bike-share bikes on the sidewalk: That's right! Uber is getting in the bike-share game in Seattle, baby. It's just like every other bike-share offer, except these bikes are bright red and read "JUMP" on them, the name of Uber's bike-share program. The other difference is that they will be unlocked using a pass-code and ID number rather than a smartphone. This is just great news, because I always find that the lime green bikes totally clash with my outfits, and everyone knows everything goes with red!

Kyle MacLachlan Watch, Kyle-yeti edition: Why? Because! You never need a reason to celebrate Yakima hero Kyle MacLachlan.

Trump Watch, raking edition: What’s that we’ve spotted? Narcissist-in-chief Donald Trump continues to embarrass nation? This time claiming that raking could be a solution to California's wildfires? It seems President Trump’s interpretations of conversations vary greatly from the other members of the dialogue. His memory is that the Finnish president taught him that “they spend a lot of time on raking and cleaning and doing things. And they don’t have any problem. And when it is, it’s a very small problem.” Turns out the Finnish president responded to Trump’s remarks, saying that he doesn’t recall any discussion about “raking.” Trump may have misheard some words, that's possible—it’s also almost a certainty he doesn’t know what the word raking means.

And the toll of California’s most devastating forest fire ever continues to grow: While the number of missing persons has dropped just below 1,000, the death toll of the California Camp Fire is now at a staggering 77. The fire is now 65 percent contained, and authorities believe it should be fully contained by November 30.

Rogue police chief in Republic, Washington, wants to create a "sanctuary city" from I-1639: The chief says he won't enforce the new law Washington voters approved November 6, and he is asking the city council to make the city of Republic a "sanctuary city" against any such gun control. I-639 raises the minimum age to purchase guns from 18 to 21, requires enhanced background checks, and "makes firearm owners criminally liable if someone not allowed to access a gun uses it in a crime." The response from the office of the attorney general? "We will review the city’s ordinance if it passes."

Woodland Park Zoo does a fucking turkey toss: What do you think went on in this jaguar’s head when it found a fully prepped, fresh, dead turkey in the tree? Does this beautiful beast now believe certain trees grow raw, meaty turkey-fruit?

Medford, Massachusetts’s library auctioning off PNW Native American artifacts: Hat tip to KING5 for picking up this story out of Boston about how the North American Indian Center of Boston among other groups are protesting the auction of what a Medford library refers to as “surplus goods.” The “surplus goods” are in fact artifacts, very valuable artifacts (including two wood shaman masks worth an estimated $30,000), and the president of the board of directors for the NAIC cites that the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act to explain that “[selling] these items for short-term profit without proper consultation on repatriation is part of the troubling disregard for government-to-government relationships.” The library director declined to comment on why they’re auctioning the artifacts, or whether or not they attempted to contact the tribes from which the artifacts came.

Hey, this cute puppy is where I’ll be for Thanksgiving with the in-laws: That’s right, I’ll be “reporting in” later this week from good ol’ St. Louis, Missouri. Y’know, the blue city in the red state. And no, it’s not in the South, as everyone around here seems to ask. It’s called the Midwest, which also makes no sense, given it is more east than it is west. I gotta say, if this video is any indication of my excursion, I can’t wait!

Monday morning Gouda So last week you met my dog, Pika, but you’re probably wondering (probably not) why you’ve gotten so much Gouda and so little Pika. I think this picture of the two of them clearly illustrates their disposition to fame and glory. Perhaps you’ll notice one is much less camera-shy than the other.

Gouda says, I own you. Pika says, Is that a crumb, over there, in that corner?
Gouda says, "I own you." Pika says, "Is that a crumb over there in that corner?" Michael Bell

Tonight's best Seattle entertainment options include: A reading with beloved humorist David Sedaris, a screening of Tim Burton's creepy classic Beetlejuice, and a production of classic Twilight Zone episodes.