Care to share, Jeff?
Care to share, Jeff? EMILY DRISCOLL

Small town’s effort to stall new gun safety measures tabled: The police chief in the town of Republic, Washington is incorrectly reappropriating the term “sanctuary city” for his cause. What, pray tell, is his cause? Preserving Second Amendment rights and staving off the new rules and regulations that came with the passage of Initiative 1639. Many Republicans—members of the town, not the political party, although, those might be one and the same—were in support of the police chief’s call for action, or, inaction. But, the Republic City Council tabled the vote until Monday.

Bezos the benefactor: Jeff Bezos, notorious billionaire, is giving back. I know, I know, hard to believe. But, Bezos is giving 24 organizations nationwide a cut of a $97.5 million grant as a part of his Bezos Day 1 Family Fund. The two Washington organizations that are getting some cash from Jeff are the Catholic Community Services of Western Washington in Tacoma and Refugee Women’s Alliance in Seattle. The former will receive $5 million while the latter receives $2.5 million.

Explosives found near Bremerton elementary school: There was a suspicious device found near Armin Jahr Elementary last week. Investigators x-rayed it and found that it could have detonated and caused serious damage and harm. No one knows how it got there. Please do not leave your explosives near elementary schools!

Ah, here comes the rain: November will start looking more like a Seattle November tomorrow:

Michael Avenatti’s ex-girlfriend alleges that he was violent toward her: Avenatti, notorious for being Stormy Daniels’s lawyer, was arrested last week on domestic violence charges. His ex-wife came forward the same day to say that Avenatti had never laid a hand on her and that she hadn’t seen him in months, let alone when the alleged domestic violence incident occurred. It cast doubt upon the whole thing, especially when Avenatti said he would be fully vindicated. It’s come to light via charging documents that an ex-girlfriend with an equally Italian name, Mareli Miniutti, claims she experienced violence at Avenatti’s hands. Miniutti said that Avenatti dragged her out of bed, called her names, and beat her with pillows.

Seattle Public Schools see a rise in graduation rates: A press release from SPS states that there has been an 11 percent increase in graduation rates in the last five years. Between 2017 and 2018 there was a three percent increase.

Happy almost Thanksgiving!

Seattle police officer who punched a woman in the face will get his job back: Don’t you love our boys in blue? Well, this fine specimen was fired for punching a drunk, handcuffed woman in 2014 after she kicked him. He was fired. Now, he’s being reinstated and receiving back pay.

I have been told that my ‘shitty dismissive attitude towards sports in general is boring and immature’: So, I’m going to write about sports more. Not now, because what would I have to say? I have to dig into this, really get something to nosh on. Sports writing! It’s my calling.

Huzzah! Toys ‘R’ Us workers are getting severance pay! They’re each getting $220. All of these 30,000-plus employees were laid off without pay. It’s been months. The $20 million severance package is $55 million short of what Toys ‘R’ Us’s decades-old policies mandate for severance, according to CBS News.

Trump still supports the Saudi crown prince despite horrific murder of Washington Post journalist: Trump said today that we may never know Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s culpability in the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, despite the fact that we know Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s culpability in the murder of Jamal Khashoggi. The CIA came out with a report days prior that concluded with "high confidence" that Salman had authorized the killing. Trump has decided for all of us Americans that we side with Saudi Arabia.

All those troops at the southern border are going to cost $72 million of taxpayer money: Trump’s plan to arm the southern border to prepare for the arrival of the migrant caravan winding its way up from Central America will be pricey. The plan is to deploy 5,900 active troops until Dec. 15. Trump said he would deploy as many as 15,000.

Wait, here's some sports for you: The Monday Night Football (this is a proper noun, yes?) game last night was wild! It was one of the highest scoring games in NFL history with the Los Angeles Rams beating the Kansas City Chiefs 54-51.

Massachusetts mayor first in line to buy legal weed: You read all about the first pot sales on the east coast today compliments of Lester Black. But, did you know that the mayor of Northampton, David Narkewicz, was the first customer? Well, now you do.