The Pineapple Express (not the movie with James Franco) is heading straight toward us today!!
The Pineapple Express (not the movie with James Franco) is heading straight toward us today!! fstop123/Getty Images

Things are about to get wet and gusty: Yikes, incoming November storm. Maybe get some candles ready and prepare something fun to do sans electricity.

Army Ranger from Leavenworth was killed in Afghanistan: 25-year-old Leandro Jasso was wounded by gunfire while fighting in Afghanistan, and died later on Saturday at a medical treatment facility, reports the Seattle Times. In the Army's statement, Jasso's battalion commander said, "Sgt. Jasso was a humble professional who placed the mission first, lived the Ranger Creed and will be deeply missed."

City of Subdued Excitement gets sued: The city of Bellingham is being sued for $15 million by the relatives of a man whose body was used for medical practice after he had died without consent of the man’s next of kin. Twelve city officials have been disciplined because of the debacle.

KING5 has the Ariana Grande beat on lockdown and we don't understand why: Of all the random celebrity news that a local news channel could cover, what is the intrigue here? Why KING5? They're over. We know it's a tough pill to swallow, but no amount of coverage will bring them back together!

Coyote spotted in Wallingford! Check it out! There is also push on the Wallyhood blog to dub this neighborhood coyote “Wally Coyote,” a play on the name Wile E. Coyote from The Roadrunner Show. This is a great name! Now that we’ve named it, can we not shoot the poor coyot-bae (ki-oat-bay) like in Laurelhurst circa 2016? Yeah, our new coyot-bae is named Wally Coyote and we love it. May she/he/they reign over our streets in peace.

Three state legislature races go to recount: The Senate race in the 26th District, and two races in the 42nd District (House and Senate) are headed to a hand recount after results are certified on Tuesday. Per the Seattle Times, “A manual recount is required when the difference is less than 150 votes and also less than 0.25 percent of the total votes cast in the race.” Everyone loves a good ol’ fashioned hand recount, am I right?

The asylum-seeking saga continues: The Mexico/USA border was closed yesterday for several hours at the “San Ysidro port of entry between San Diego and Tijuana.” Tear gas was used by military police to repel asylum-seekers from approaching the border, after projectiles allegedly hit border agents from over the fence.

And Mexico is working with the Trump administration to “keep asylum-seekers out of the U.S. while their applications are pending in court.” They say they will hold the asylum-seekers at the border.

Trump’s former advisor, George Papadopoulos, however, did commit a crime: Papadopoulos wanted to put off his stint in jail, but a federal judge said no way and he was ordered to jail starting today. ICYMI ol’ Georgey will be going away for lying to FBI agents who were investigating “links between the Trump campaign and Russia.” Considering he will only be spending two weeks in prison, you’d think he would be in a bigger rush to get it over with, rather than putting it off like a bad homework assignment.

Amazon ad perfection: This showcases both the power of music in multimedia, and also the fine line Amazon ads straddle between whatever it is they want us to feel (comfort?) and horror.

This climate report though: You know, the one that came out discreetly on Black Friday? Yep, that one. This report is huge, folks. It was issued by 13 federal agencies and put together by over 1,000 people, including "about 300 scientists from outside the government." Hello Republicans, climate change "will severely affect US economy." Y'know, the thing you presumably care about? We can't pretend this report doesn't exist just because it is now cyber Monday and we are all consumed with the mega-deals online.

Monday morning Gouda: Today featuring Gouda’s older sister (not biological, in case you were wondering), Pika! Today I will be reunited with the babies after a week-long stint in St. Louis.


Tonight's best Seattle entertainment options include: A screening of the documentary Searching for Ingmar Bergman, a reading with prolific poet Danez Smith, and the holiday cocktail wonderland Miracle on 2nd.