The 14th Annual HUMP! Film Festival premiered in Seattle, Portland, Olympia, and—for the first time ever—in San Francisco. While audiences all around the country will get to enjoy the latest HUMP! Film Festival, only audiences in Seattle, Portland, Olympia, and San Francisco got to vote in the 2018 HUMP! Awards. More than 26,000 people came out to see this year’s amazing new lineup of films—and the ballots are in, the votes have been counted, and it's my pleasure to announce this year's winning films!

But first...

The creators of HUMP! are proud to announce the brand new SPLIFF! Film Festival! SPLIFF is a lot like Hump—but with less sex and more weed but still some sex! Filmmakers, artists, animators, and stoners are invited to submit weird, trippy, or funny films on pot themes to Serious takes on pot culture, stoner comedy shorts, your mind-blowing weirdness—we're looking for short films that entertain, challenge, confound, and amaze. SPLIFF is a film festival by stoners, for stoners, and SPLIFF is all about celebrating recreational marijuana use and its liberating effects on our imaginations, appetites, libidos, and creative energies. More info at!

And now... without further ado... the 14th Annual HUMP! Film Festival Awards go to...

BEST SEX ($2000): Extreme Wild Fuck "When you set out for a hike, you never know what you'll come across on top of the mountain..."
SEX RUNNER UP ($1000): Please "Consent is sexy. Here's the proof. A deep exploration of rough sex."

BEST KINK ($2000): My Cathartic Release. "A peek into one woman's masochistic journey to find a sweet sweet release."
KINK RUNNER UP ($1000): Wheel of Fortune. "Five strangers are bound by flesh and metal. Only their release can set them free."

BEST HUMOR ($2000): Troughman. "One man tries to work up the courage to ask another man to piss on him in the restroom of a leather bar."
HUMOR RUNNER UP ($1000): Whatever Floats Your Goat. "A milkmaid has to work extra hard when a strange new breed of goat shows up in her barn."

BEST IN SHOW ($10,000): Around the World in 80 Lays. "A couple gets out of their sexual rut by exploring Planet Earth and beyond!"

JURY AWARD ($1000): Porn Yesterday. "A remembrance of porn before the internet—when adults were bad at hiding porn and kids we good at finding it."

Congrats to the winners and a huge thank you to everyone who made and submitted a film to the HUMP!

The 14th Annual HUMP! Film Festival will tour to more than 50 cities across the U.S. and Canada in 2019. Spring tour stops are on sale now at!

HUMP! 2018 Trailer from HUMP! Film Festival on Vimeo.

The call for submissions for the 15th Annual HUMP! Film Festival will go out in January—but everything you need to know about making and submitting a film to HUMP! is already available here! There is no charge to enter HUMP! (what is up with film festival that charge filmmakers to submit their films?!?), $20,000 is awarded to filmmakers by HUMP! audiences, and each filmmaker gets a percentage of every single ticket sold on the HUMP! Tour. For more information go to