Whats an embattled aerospace giant to do?
What's an embattled aerospace giant to do? southerlycourse/Getty Images

Durkan is throwing out a bunch of old misdemeanor warrants: Over 200 cases of non-violent, low-level crimes that are five years old or older will be tossed out, according to Mayor Jenny Durkan. These crimes—like the 107 people charged or convicted of prostitution or the 73 charged with third-degree driving with a suspended license—disproportionately impact people of color.

Frank Chopp is stepping down as House speaker: Chopp, no matter his maddening centrism in Olympia, is an effective politician. Chopp has represented the 43rd Legislative District longer than I’ve been alive. He’s been the House speaker, or shared the role, since 1999 (don’t worry, I was very much alive at that point). But, he announced today, after being re-elected as speaker during a Democratic caucus meeting, that he would step down from the role after the 2019 Legislative session.

From us:

First elected to the state house from Seattle's 43rd District in 1994, Chopp, who likes to refer to himself as a "Bremerton Democrat"—meaning a beer-drinking, blue-collar, populist 26th District Democrat, as opposed to an effete, latte-sipping, pot-smoking 43rd District Democrat—has a bold record as a progressive legislator and Speaker. He's passed the estate tax, collective bargaining for state employees, a housing trust fund, the highest minimum wage in the country, and opportunity grants for college tuition, and quadrupled farm-worker-housing funding, among other achievements.

He even claimed to have balls once. (We are still holding out for the proof.)

Boeing’s new plane may have caused the catastrophic crash in Indonesia last month: The brand-spanking-new Boeing 737 aircraft dropped out of the sky into the Java Sea, killing all 189 people on board. The recovered black box data shows that an automatic system malfunctioned and forced the nose of the plane down. During the flight’s final moments before impact, the pilots struggled against the system, attempting to wrest control of the aircraft. Many pilots have stated, in the aftermath of this crash, that they hadn’t received enough information about the new system. Boeing is currently facing two lawsuits from the families of deceased passengers.

Olympia is giving its homeless a place to set up camp: A city-owned parking lot in Olympia is about to look a lot different. The city is setting it up as a spot to relocate all of its homeless to. Homeless people will be able to register with the city and then they’ll be given a tent and a plot in the lot. As long as they follow the rules, they’ll be allowed to stay. Oh, they’ll also be fenced in. Olympia is hoping this will help get rid of other makeshift camps across the city.

How ‘bout that weather, eh? It's, as the National Weather Service dubbed it, juicy outside. Whole lotta rain! The thunder this afternoon shook our office building! Can’t wait for the Big One!

Seattle has a crush on public transit: Cars have cooties.

The Washington state foster care system is a mess: This KUOW report tells how foster kids are being sent to stay at hotels instead of with foster families or receiving the therapeutic foster care they need. “Between September 1, 2017 and August 31, 2018, 195 children spent more than a thousand nights in hotels or in child welfare field offices, up from 824 nights the previous year.” Most of these children were those with the highest needs. They were disproportionately children of color.

The creator of Spongebob Squarepants died today: Stephen Hillenburg died today at 57. He had ALS. He was a former marine biology teacher and dreamt up Spongebob while doodling sea sponges. If you’re of my generation and had access to a TV, then Spongebob was pivotal for shaping your sense of humor. It was something you could connect with any kid your age with or quote incessantly with your brothers, to your parents’ chagrin.

The final Senate race of 2018 will be decided tonight: The Mississippi Senate race between Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith and Democrat Mike Espy will be decided tonight in a runoff election. The polls have just closed. The New York Times will have updates here.

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For the football fan in your life: The New York Times compiled a thread of the best touchdown celebrations from this season since the NFL relaxed the celebration rules. Send this to the token NFL fan in your life. Here you go, Harry.

This one is my favorite: But go on, tell me I’m wrong.