So, this is where we are. A Guatemalan boy died while in custody of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection on Christmas day. This is not a Christian nation. It is a racist nation. And those white people who claim to believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ are almost entirely responsible for this state of things. And I mean all Christian white people, because you have those who are happy to call themselves God-fearing and permit the death of children, and those who can only go along with this state of things, even if they find it disagreeable. There is no war of ideas in the white Christian world. Indeed, if you are white, the less you go to Church, the better you are. That's how toxic white Christianity is. It's a hard fact. Going to church makes a white person not better but worse.

Everyone knows that the only reason that the government is shutdown is not to protect Americans but only to keep that old racist fire burning in the core of the country. And it's working, and killing brown children, and white Christians are fully responsible for the persistence of this most-vile of American passions. The white American Jesus—and He is not the same Jesus as that American Muslims and black/Latino/Asian Christians pray to—is nothing more than a cover for a historically deep hatred of people who are not of the same color. This hate is nothing but Trump's Ring of Gyges. It's what has permitted him to do what ever he wants, no matter how hateful or devilish. It has made him invisible. That is the raw power of white Christian American racism.

In Book 2 of Plato's The Republic, the philosopher Socrates is presented with an important problem: Is a citizen intrinsically moral, or are they moral because they fear being seen breaking the laws and doing bad things? Meaning, does morality have content or not? Is it imposed or is it naturally felt and expressed by an individual among other individuals. This is how the issue is problematized by the philosopher Glaucon, who confronts Socrates. In the myth of the Ring of Gyges, an earthquake happens, opens up the ground, and reveals a cave to a shepherd. He enters it, and finds a grim tomb that contains a corpse that has a golden ring on one of its fingers. The shepherd takes the ring and later discovers that it can make him invisible.

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The question is, then, what is to prevent this shepherd from becoming totally immoral? While invisible, he can kill who he wants, fuck who he wants, rob who he wants, all without fear of being caught. And it would be surprising, indeed odd, if he didn't take full advantage of the ring's incredible power. Socrates spends a good part of the book explaining that a well regulated and moral city would not be run be people who are as weak as the shepherd with the invisible ring.

And this ring has been made possible by white Christians. Saying it like it is. No more pussy-footing around your white Christian pussy grabber. Pew Research Center:

Three-quarters (75%) of white voters who describe themselves as evangelical or born-again Christians (a group that includes Protestants, Catholics and members of other faiths) voted for Republican House candidates in 2018, according to National Election Pool (NEP) exit poll data reported by NBC News. That is on par with the share who did so in midterm elections in 2014 (78%) and 2010 (77%).

White Christians, fuck you. I mean that. Fuck you all. I do not care where you believe you are on the spectrum of goodness. You own this shit. The dead brown boy is your Jesus's birthday. And what a Jesus he is. The racism, the continued gross deformation and warping of the real-world messiah's teachings. I have no idea how you think there is a heaven waiting for you when you vote for an administration that permits "god's children" to die while under its custody. None. And it's you and you alone.

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