I constantly blend my favorite genres of dance music and mix the old and new.
"I constantly blend my favorite genres of dance music and mix the old and new." Lester Black


Monster Energy Outbreak Tour Presents SLUSHII at WaMu Theater on April 26. Tickets still available!

Current top 5 tracks:

Toro y Moi, "Freelance" (Carpark)
“This tune is so good. Reminds me to have fun whenever I write vocals. The way he plays around with the groove and how it never seems to get old. It sounds a lot like early Daft Punk and yet Chaz puts such a wonderful twist with his own ‘indie’ style, and I adore it."

Malibu Ken, "Corn Maze" (Rhymesayers Entertainment)
“I just got into the new Malibu Ken record and it’s FANTASTIC. I would love to create beats similar to this and collaborate with other artists to create zany shit. The production is so neat and tight, but also grimey and in-your-face. Like the beats are spitting in your face.”

Soultanz, "Sugar Mama" (Tangents)
“Cannot stop listening to this. Soultanz really out did themselves with song. The groove is absolutely infectious and the mix is fantastic. AllA’s feature is just the icing on the cake. When she came in, I thought they somehow got Nai Palm to be featured on the track, but to my delight it’s already a dear friend of mine! Then they throw in a delicious sax solo and it’s still gotta be one of my favorites from 2018.”

Raveena, "Honey" (House Music)
“Just got into Raveena, as well! I adore the lyrics in this one. ‘You’re milk and honey/A drink I drink before bed/Don’t you feel lucky/That we can end the day like that?’ I melted when I first heard Raveena’s voice. Super-inspiring to see a Southeast Asian woman thriving so much in the R&B/soul world. Would love to produce for her someday."

Whipped Cream, "Luv" (Big Beat)
“This track is absolutely fucking nuts.”

Crew/label affiliation: "I signed onto Buildstrong June 2017 with Austin Santiago."

Styles played: "Disco, funk, electronic booty groovin' music."

DJing philosophy: "Play what excites you. Be creative when you plan a set and constantly think of ways to keep it fresh. I constantly blend my favorite genres of dance music and mix the old and new. I could be playing Habibi Funk one minute then the new Rezz release the next. I love keeping people guessing. It’s a thrill."

Format: "Traktor s2! I play sets around town and bring my controller with me. I play the ukulele/harmonica and occasionally sing for my live sets. I’ve gotten CDJ lessons, but until I can get proper practice, I’m sticking to my Traktor."

Worst request: "I’ve never gotten a memorable terrible request, but I’ve had too many requests at once, and that was pretty terrible."

Upcoming events:
1/30 - KEXP Transistor IPA Tall Can Launch, Belltown Yacht Club
2/21 - Main Support for Valentino Khan, Neumos
2/28 - Sonic Boom In-Studio Performance, Sonic Boom Records