This dab rig doesnt come with a reflective construction jacket.
Reflective construction jacket not included. Puffco Peak

Dabs, those strange and wonderful hits of vaporized cannabis, are nearly the perfect way to ingest cannabis.

They are incredibly flavorful, efficient in their intoxication, offer precise dosing, and require a tiny fraction of the amount of smoke in your lungs than a hit off a bong or a joint. Dabs only have one problem: they require a blowtorch.

The conventional way to do a dab is to use a blowtorch to heat up a glass piece at the end of a bong and then drop some concentrated cannabis onto that hot piece and take a hit. This delivers amazing flavor but it's also very off-putting to people who aren’t familiar with the process. That’s just the unfortunate reality of dabs: The best way to enjoy the flavor of weed also happens to be the most dangerous and awkward.

Enter the Puffco Peak.

This handheld electronic dab rig, roughly the shape and weight of a glass bottle of beer, removes any need for a blowtorch. Instead of using an open flame, the device has a self-contained heating element for your preferred concentrate. As you breath in, your hit percolates through a water chamber in a pyramid-like glass mouthpiece.

The Puffco Peak isn’t the only device that makes dabs easier. There are electronic dab nails that you plug into your wall and then put on your bong, as well as a few other mobile dab rigs that are cordless like the Puffco Peak. But the Puffco Peak is particularly well suited to replace the blowtorch.

This is the dabbing process that the Puffco Peak replaces.
This is the dabbing process that the Puffco Peak replaces. Andrew Roberts

I’ve been using the Puffco for about a month now and, unlike what I have found with lots of other pricey stoner tools, the Puffco actually consistently works. It’s easy to shuffle between different temperature control settings and its shape makes it comfortable and easy to hold. The battery doesn’t last forever—it needs to be recharged after a few dozen hits—but the battery life is predictable and dependable. And, most importantly, it seems to perfectly replicate the type of hits that you would get if you used a conventional dab rig.

That’s not to say that the Puffco is going to replace the dab rigs that are already wildly popular with a certain type of twentysomething stoner. Those people have no problem doing drugs with a blow torch in the presence of company, so they are not the target audience for this product. The Puffco is for those people who are curious about the beauty of dabs (and anyone that enjoys cannabis should be curious about dabs), but don’t feel comfortable doing something that looks a lot like smoking crack.

The Puffco is not, however, a cheap product. The device starts at around $380 and then increases in price depending on what kind of extras you buy. This is roughly the same price as the Puffco’s closest competitor, the Dr. Dabber, which runs for about $400.

Should you drop $380 on this product? Probably not if you are one of the 40 percent of Americans that doesn’t have a spare $400 for an emergency. Save that cash for the impending recession. But if you have some extra cash and are looking to get into dabs, then I’d recommend this device.

Pieces like the Puffco and Dr. Dabber will hopefully expand the reach of dabs to a more general audience because the world would be a better place if more people experienced the marvelous qualities of dabs. The first time I tried a dab of high quality cannabis, I couldn’t believe what I was experiencing. The natural flavors of different strains become so apparent that names like Pineapple Express and Lavender no longer sound like marketing phrases. Pineapple Express actually tastes like ripe, dank pineapples, Lavender strains taste like the flower, and the high of a dab feels clean and fun in an entirely different way than smoking flower.

And with the Puffco Peak, you can have all of that flavor with no blowtorch required.