Were you dreaming of a white Valentines Day? Good news!
Were you dreaming of a white Valentine's Day? Good news! kudou/Getty Images

The snowpocalypse is coming. Cliff Mass confirmed it. He's written up a blog post about it, but why use Mass, that asshole, when I have Frederick Saupe, an amateur weather enthusiast I found on Twitter:

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"A lot of professional meteorologists or people who went to school for this hate people like me," Saupe, who has spent his life being interested in the weather but doesn’t have a degree, told me over the phone. "I looked up a bunch of stuff on the internet and kind of know what I'm talking about."

For what it's worth, Saupe's predictions pretty much align with Mass's blog post: We're going to get a helluva lot of snow starting this weekend into Monday.

"Things that are most definite right now—and this is the wonderful world of meteorology cause we don't really know—if you have plans Friday night be ready to be going home Saturday morning," Saupe said. "This weekend, all together we could get anywhere from 5-6 inches on the low end and on the high end upwards of a foot of snow."

Something spicy that Saupe pointed out that Mass didn't was that there might be a chance that Green Lake freezes!

"We're going to see a crap ton of snow this weekend, then freezing temperatures all week," Saupe said, "by maybe next Thursday or Friday there's a slim chance that Green Lake could freeze."

One weather model is predicting upwards of 30 inches of snow on Monday.

That's just a model, Saupe said and a lot can change. But, this weather model was the only one that predicted the course of Hurricane Sandy back in 2012. "Meteorologists will love that I said that," Saupe said.

"It's a blend of models, that’s what's making people pretty confident," Saupe explained. "When we run this model 28 out of 30 times show significant snow on Friday. But 16 out of 30 show historic snow on Monday into Tuesday. That 16 out of 30 changed from 5 out of 30 just today. There’s something big that’s going to happen."

Mass says the same thing pretty much: this shit is going to be big. Saupe hopes people are excited.

"This is the kind of stuff people can tell their grandkids about," he said. "If they’ve lived out here all their lives this might be the one time they ever see snow like this."

It also really makes you wonder—did the Seattle Weather Blog jinx us with this tweet in January?