JONAH: Gotta represent.
JONAH: "Gotta represent." Coco Foto (#cocotakemyfoto)

Country Lips are Seattle’s own purveyors of classic country, honky tonk, and rocking Americana. People love ‘em here. Love ‘em so much, they’ve gotten tattoos of the band's logo—a drunk horse, stoned cow, and suckling chicken as drawn by one-time band-house roommate (and fleeting Lips member), Clay Giffin. Six months ago, area photographer Coco Foto was approached by the band and asked if she'd take portraits of those individuals who've tattooed the Country Lips logo on their thigh. "Some of them are Country Lips band members but some are friends, family, and fans. Nevertheless, the list of names that I was given led me down a road that has left me speechless," she wrote in a recent email correspondence.

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For the band’s 10-Year Anniversary Show at Tractor Tavern next Saturday (February 16), a gallery featuring large prints of Coco's photos will be on display during the show, which will include sit-ins by past band members and "very special" musical guests.

Coco Foto has offered The Stranger an exclusive preview of her shots, with names and quotes from each about why they got the tat. As you can tell from the first shot above, they are classically awesome. Check out the rest below.

FLATMAN: Its mostly just confusion.
FLATMAN: "It's mostly just confusion." Coco Foto (#cocotakemyfoto)

AJ: It was 5 o’clock somewhere...
AJ: "It was 5 o’clock somewhere..." Coco Foto (#cocotakemyfoto)

JAYBIRD: I have always loved my Lips.
JAYBIRD: "I have always loved my Lips." Coco Foto (#cocotakemyfoto)

ALEX: All the silent reactions when Im sitting next to people on the bus in shorts and theyre just looking at a chicken sucking an udder.
ALEX: "All the silent reactions when I'm sitting next to people on the bus in shorts and they're just looking at a chicken sucking an udder." Coco Foto (#cocotakemyfoto)

ELI: Dante’s Jello Shot Syringes (RIP).
ELI: "Dante’s Jello Shot Syringes (RIP)." Coco Foto (#cocotakemyfoto)

GUS Bad ideas are fun.
GUS "Bad ideas are fun." Coco Foto (#cocotakemyfoto)