Spare us another shutdown, D.C.
Spare us another shutdown, D.C. erick4x4/Getty Images

Seattle’s snowiest February ever: With the first snowstorm of the week hitting yesterday afternoon, we’ve now all experienced the most snow in February ever on record. And goddamn do you guys love playing in the snow. I saw people skiing, throwing snowballs at cars, an army of snowmen. I think my favorite part is what you all use for sleds. Laundry baskets work well. A baking sheet can be used in a pinch. Yoga mats are not recommended unless you want it torn to shreds. Oh yeah, the news. Schools are closed again and it’s supposed to snow some more today!

Inslee pardons pot crimes: Gov. Jay Inslee pardoned 13 people with misdemeanor marijuana offenses on their record, but he’s working to clear the records of 200,000 more people. Today, most of the things that landed these people in the criminal system are completely legal thanks to Initiative 502 which passed in late 2012. It must be infuriating for them to watch.

Corrections officers at King County jails are overworked: They worked a combined 188,000 hours of overtime last year, which costs taxpayers tens of millions of dollars and causes serious safety concerns for officers. Heidi Groover at the Seattle Times reports that they want the city to hire more corrections officers but the city claims it’s more complicated than that, blaming abuse of leave policies by the officers.

Why did the chicken cross the road? Because the truck they were in jackknifed across I-5 and this is their last chance for freedom. Run chicken run!

Another shutdown is looming: The government will shutdown again on Friday if the bipartisan committee can’t hammer out a deal that everyone can live with. But talks have come to a standstill over the Democrat’s proposal that ICE arrests be capped at 16,500 so they are forced to prioritize undocumented people with criminal records. With a 35-day shutdown still fresh in everyone’s mind, I might start preparing for round two.

Dan Savage has some advice for Jeff Bezos: Show us your nudes. Release them to the world. Free the world from “weaponize[d] nude photos” forever. Dan took his talents over to the New York Times for this story (not even a Slog hyperlink, Dan??) but you should still read it. Sending a sexy selfie is actually pretty normal, which means hackers have a lot of potential blackmail fodder to use against us. But if we release them all to the world, the power these photos have over us dies. So come on Jeff!

Want to know who leaked Bezos’ texts in the first place? Sources at National Enquirer parent company AMI said it was the woman’s brother, Michael Sanchez. That’s going to be a pretty awkward family reunion. That said, Sanchez hasn’t said whether he was the one who leaked it.