The owners of this stage say it is not threatened (for now).
The owners of this stage say it is not threatened (for now). Courtesy El Corazon.

There's a rumor floating around town right now that El Corazon, an old nightclub next to I-5 on the edge of South Lake Union, is slated to be demolished and replaced with a tower. The Seattle PI just reported this about the venue:
A demolition permit application was filed in January to raze the two-story building currently home the El Corazon and The Funhouse on Eastlake Avenue East just south of REI.

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But the venue's owners tell me this is incorrect. Dana Sims, the talent buyer and an owner of the venue, said the new tower is planned for across the street at 1370 Stewart Avenue. The venue is at 109 Eastlake.

"There are no plans to demolish El Corazon and put a new tower in its place," Sims said.

El Corazon has gone through a number of different names but was most notable when it was called The Off Ramp and hosted some of the most important early shows of the Grunge era, including shows from Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Mudhoney, and Nirvana. When those bands were playing the club it was surrounded by the empty parking lots of South Lake Union. That neighborhood has been transformed by a battalion of glassy towers from Amazon and other tech companies. Despite all of this rampant growth, it looks like the venue is safe from destruction, at least for now.