Chip Somodevilla / Getty

Today during the House Oversight and Reform Committee hearing, the Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez presented Donald Trump's former personal lawyer Michael Cohen (described by the president as a "rat") with a set of questions that were clear, precise, cool, and ultimately presented a strong case for making Trump's tax records public. That is all she wanted. And she did the needed damage in just four minutes (the exact total length that the common American mind can devote to serious politics). In my cinematic imagination, AOC's questioning was like a black ops mission. The elite force enters, does the job, and leaves with no one the wiser. That is, until the corpse in the master bedroom is discovered the next morning. No blood on the white sheets. Dead eyes open with the final terror. Silk slippers still on the feet. Watch and see AOC in ops mode.

I want to point out that if the dealings of an African leader were questioned in this official manner in public, you would find, at this moment, a bunch of empty new-model Mercedes Benz abandoned in the parking lot of that country's international airport. The well-connected would leave in droves with suitcases stuffed with forex. Going, going, gone! Don't fucking care where the plane is heading. Anywhere but here is all that matters, mate. Get in the air, and get paid. Here is a grand or two if you want. That sort of thing. But I'm sure if you visit JFK or any major US airport after AOC's session of questioning, you will not find anything like this rich panic. The fear is just not here. This can only mean that the US must be more corrupt than those black African countries Trump described as shitholes.