Gabrielle Devereux

Many Chills fans wore out the New Zealand rock group’s Kaleidoscope World comp of early singles and EP cuts, a perfect crystallization of the ’80s Flying Nun Records sound: understated vocals, refulgent keyboards, jangly guitars, moods that, no matter how jubilant, always retained traces of melancholy, and melodies that insinuated themselves with the salutary pressure of a new lover’s first kiss. It’s some of the greatest music ever, especially “Pink Frost,” which never fails to induce… chills. Led by guitarist/vocalist and sole constant Martin Phillipps, the Chills have gone on to release dozens of albums, EPs, and singles that refine that trademark sublime sound. It’s a damning indictment that only one Chills song—the aptly titled “Heavenly Pop Hit”—has punctured America’s obtuse consciousness in the band’s 39 years. No matter. After a 19-year hiatus, the Chills are now touring behind 2018’s gleaming Snow Bound. Phillipps remains the consummate songsmith, his tunes as emotionally resonant as ever.

This show with Cotillon and Greenwave Beth—presented by the Crocodile at Sunset Tavern on Saturday night— will quench a long-unslaked thirst among area Kiwi-philes for a Chills live appearance. It's currently sold out, but who knows? Maybe you'll find an extra floating around. Or maybe you can get your bud to take you instead of his girlfriend. She doesn't really like the Chills anyway...