Pictured: All of my heroes
Pictured: All of my heroes Ronald Martinez / Getty Images

Slog PM tonight is brought to you by International Women's Day: And the fucking toilet seat being up again in The Stranger's offices. I just have to say, I notice this every goddamn time it happens and I ignore it and put the seat down and go about my business.

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PUT IT DOWN DAMMIT Nathalie Graham

I grew up with brothers, I get it, standing is really fucking efficient and whipping your dick out is the definition of easy breezy. But, those boys (eventually) learned to put the seat down because they grew up around women. To those of you in the office who don't have any women in your personal lives I'm sorry to inform you that you have women in your professional lives. Please put the seat down after you tinkle. Especially on International Women's Day. Also, side note, can we get some tampons in the bathroom? Thanks.

Unvaccinated Oregon boy falls down, gets tetanus: He's the first case of tetanus in Oregon in 30 years. His jaw muscles were spasming and he couldn't open his mouth wide enough to even drink water. The treatment—which turned out to be over $800,000 (!!!)—was just giving him the tetanus vaccine and antibodies from people who had had the tetanus vaccine. He was held in the Intensive Care Unit for 47 days. Vaccinate your kids! (Also, a big thanks to the associate professor from Kansas University for passing along this article.)

There's a bougie rooftop bar in the U-District now: Hotel Deca is no more. The Graduate Hotel has repurposed the space. At the top of the new hotel, there's a rooftop bar called the Mountaineering Club. It's an homage to Edmond Meany, a University of Washington graduate, journalist, and state legislator, according to Seattle Eater. Honestly, this place looks pretty fucking sweet. My only resistance to it is how much I love the grubbiness of the U-District. But with light rail coming to town and the new UW Master Plan in the works, that's bound to change sooner than later.

Don't forget to spring back:

Seattle Pacific University throws some money at Art Institute students: Art Institute of Seattle announced it was closing on Friday earlier this week. The closure comes weeks before the school's term ends. Students are stranded with half-finished degrees. SPU is offering $3,000 scholarships to those students if they transfer to SPU to finish their degrees. That's something, but $3,000 can't heal their broken spirits.

Amazon lobbies to exempt many of its workers from new labor protections: There's a bill in the Legislature right now that would prohibit non-compete clauses, the stipulations that prevent workers from going to work for the competition or start their own companies, for workers who make a certain salary. Amazon wanted to make the threshold for that salary lower so that most of its workers are exempted from the protections. The median income of Amazon workers is $113,000 according to the Seattle Times and they lobbied to get the threshold down to $100,000.

Hopefully this guy has some insurance: This piece of news was originally pointed out to The Stranger by our good friends at eBaum's World. They're big Stranger fans. Their video wasn't as good as this one, though.

Watch out for your sperm count, stoners: While there is very little research about the health effects of smoking the good stuff, smoking weed has an impact on how sperm swim and their ability to fertilize eggs. It seems to be a negative impact! Still, more research needs to be done. (That means that smoking pot is not an effective form of birth control by any means!!!!)

Presidential pimp? It seems that Donald Trump, the New England Patriots owner, and a day spa in Florida are all a part of the same story. That story includes a lot of rub and tugs, the GOP, and a close proximity to Trump National Golf Club. Charles Mudede has more.

Get a load of this guy:

Jussie Smollett indicted on 16 felony counts for allegedly staging the hate crime against him: On Friday, a grand jury indicted the Empire actor on 16 federal counts for faking a police report. This occurred after Smollett allegedly staged an attack against him in late January. Chicago police investigated the attack and found substantial evidence that Smollett had arranged it, including paying the two attackers, aspiring actors who appeared as extras on Empire. Smollett still maintains his innocence.

The U.S. women's soccer team is suing U.S Soccer : On the basis of gender discrimination. This has persisted for years and impacts their paychecks, where they play, and how often they play. Yes! Fuck this system. The U.S. women's team won the Women's World Cup four years ago and they're going to France this summer to defend their title. The U.S. men's team didn't even qualify for last year's World Cup and they receive less play. This is the latest development in a long-standing fight for equal pay and equal treatment in the organization. According to the New York Times, "FIFA doubled the prize money pool for this summer’s Women’s World Cup only after the United States team’s complaints drew attention to how far it lagged behind the pool for the much richer men’s event."