What will happen to our lovely, woolly weed dealer?
What will happen to our lovely, woolly weed dealer? David Russell/HBO
Last night was the season three finale of HBO's stoner comedy High Maintenance. We've been through a lot together, The Guy and all the rest of us potheads. But what the past seven years—it was a popular webseries before it was picked up by HBO—have revealed to us is that the show is much less about pot than it is about the sadness that permeates modern city life. Or just life in general. Heavy stuff, I know.

Season three expanded the universe of The Guy, NYC's most endearing fictional pot dealer, more than ever before. It opened with the death and funeral of his pot dealer, and we explored the ups and downs of his relationship with Lee, the somewhat-disgraced color consultant that he meets on his lonely one-man solo journey in Upstate New York. (I kind of predicted their breakup last month, lol.) Sunday's finale involved The Guy literally saying the words "high maintenance," (nice wink there, HM writers' room) and meeting up with his longtime friends while they were in town to see a specialist for their sick baby son. The last shots of the episode were of our beloved weed dealer, freshly single, weaving in and out of traffic on his bicycle at dusk. All of that certainly looks like a series finale.

So, was this the last we see of The Guy? Most of the narrative loose ends from the season were wrapped up, but HBO has yet to announce whether or not High Maintenance will be picked up for another season. As this Bustle article points out, the third season was announced right after the second season premiere. The third season's average rating was 0.07 and 226,000 viewers in the 18-49 demographic, down 35% and 43% respectively from the previous season. Crashing, Pete Holmes's semi-autobiographical comedy series which is in its third season and also comes on Sunday nights, was recently canceled. This doesn't bode well for our Guy.

But despite all the emotional depths the show has reached, there's still something pretty superficial that I'd like to know—what's his name!? I have a feeling HBO is never going to tell me.

*UPDATE (3/20/2019)*: You know when your gut feeling is wrong and you're kinda glad about it? Like, when you are absolutely sure that there's a monster lurking under your bed and when you finally get up the gumption to look, there's just that sock you've been looking for. All this to say HIGH MAINTENANCE IS GETTING RENEWED FOR A FOURTH SEASON. I'm glad the suits over at HBO know what the fuck is up. I'm excited to see what Blichfeld, Sinclair, and co. have in store!