Attorney General Bob Ferguson? He gets the job done.
Attorney General Bob Ferguson? He gets the job done. JOE MABEL/WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

Let's test those rape kits! Attorney General Bob Ferguson is putting $750,000 of grant money toward testing rape kits that have been sitting untested and gathering dust for years. The first round of funding will go toward testing at least 1,000 kits, according to KING5. The backlog of untested kits is somewhere around 10,000. It would reportedly take more than $6 million to test all of them.

It's almost 80 degrees out there today: Wowee, it's a scorcher. I'm reveling in all this Vitamin D. We broke history today, in case you didn't know:

Male birth control is coming: And it's gel men rub on their shoulders once a day. There's a clinical trial happening at the UW right now. The subjects are just now entering the stage where they're fully reliant on the contraceptive they're testing. Read more here.

T-Mobile Park is rubbing salt in your wounds: The Mariners are a touchy subject with Seattle baseball fans already. I mean, there was that whole thing about how the public (us) has to pay their rent maintenance fees for their stadium and then the death of Safeco Field. Then they gutted the team and traded that Canadian pitcher everyone loved. And then there's something about the ticket packages that people are upset about. To make matters worse, when fans step into T-Mobile Park and under the neon pink lights installed on the stadium for the home opener, they'll also be subjected to a pregame musical performance by… Macklemore. Look, I'm not trying to be contrarian but Macklemore is bland. His only selling point these days is that he's from Seattle and that cops lip-synced to his song. So, I'm sorry Mariners fans. I'm sorry.

UW tries to hide history with OxyContin-founder: The University of Washington was one of the many institutions that received money from the Raymond and Beverly Sackler Foundation. In UW's case, the money helped to fund a post-doctoral researcher in biophysics, reports Crosscut. The Sacklers founded Purdue Pharma, the inventors of OxyContin, the highly-addictive drug that has allegedly played a huge role in the current opioid crisis. In the wake of this scandal, UW quietly erased all evidence of the Sacklers from its website.

WeWork is expanding in Seattle: The co-working space company is projecting that it will have at least 19 locations in Seattle by the end of 2019. Since the company moved here 5 years ago, it has primarily hosted office space in downtown. But, it will be expanding out into Seattle's neighborhoods. There's currently construction rumbling outside Stranger World Headquarters on Capitol Hill as crews finish up the WeWork building right next door. "That five-floor office will have 1,350 desks," GeekWire found. That's a lot of neighbors for us! Don't worry, it's not just Capitol Hill; Ballard, the University District, and Queen Anne will have their very own WeWork spaces! That will total around 1.7 million square feet.

April 10 is officially Dolores Huerta Day: The Washington State Legislature passed a measure that will recognize Huerta, a labor leader and civil rights activist. She famously formed United Farm Workers with Cesar Chavez. Huerta will turn 89 this year on April 10.

Swine art: She's so talented.

Back to baseball news for a second: This guy, Mike Trout, is about to sign a 12-year, $430 million contract extension with the Anaheim Los Angeles Angels (when did they change that???). I guess this guy is really good at baseball. That's what I would call a chunk of change!

ICYMI: Pixar is making a fourth Toy Story: This is the trailer:

An 8-year-old boy won a chess championship in New York: Tani Adewumi only learned how to play chess a year ago. He won the state championship for his age group. His chess coach Russell Makofsky set up a GoFundMe account in the wake of the win. That's his family's ticket out of the homeless shelter they've been living in since they fled Nigeria in 2017.

Another hit for Monsanto: The agricultural giant has been implicated in a federal case that alleges a popular weed killer, Roundup, caused a man's lymphoma. This case is the centerpiece to a series of cases featuring 1,600 plaintiffs "alleging Monsanto’s glyphosate-based products cause cancer," according to BuzzFeed News.

USC has blocked students suspected of cheating from registering for classes: They're taking action in the wake of the college cheating scandal where wealthy parents paid their kids' ways into elite schools. And USC. Other schools are considering revoking admission or cracking down on students who may have cheated the system, as USC has done. There's a new report from the Los Angeles Times about one girl whose parents arranged for her to be recruited on the UCLA soccer team in order to gain admission to the school. UCLA has a rule that all recruits must play for at least a year. So, this girl who had no soccer experience joined the team for a year alongside the highest ranked players in the country.

Paul Ryan joins board of Fox Corporation: The former Speaker of the House has a new gig. He's now apart of the Fox Corporation's board of directors.

Headline of the week: Facebook apologizes after mistaking Trump social media director for a bot