Vince Staples doesnt GAF.
Vince Staples doesn't GAF. Courtesy Def Jam Press Room

Tonight, Long Beach native Vince Staples will be playing at Showbox Sodo with JPEGMAFIA and Channel Tres. Though he'd been around for a little bit (he was loosely associated with Odd Future), Staples really burst onto the scene with his 2015 debut album Summertime '06. And not only did he give us an album, but he gave us a DOUBLE album with tracks like "Señorita," "Loca," "Surf," and "Norf, Norf."

What makes Staples so appealing is his capacity to really not give a fuck what you think. And not even in a way that’s overtly showboating. No, Vince is here to rap some raps, collect a check, and bounce. That’s the kind of forthrightness I appreciate, and I think it’s also what makes him such a great rapper. There was a time where I felt like I saw Staples everywhere on the internet—he became even more famous through these irreverent and candid interviews where he'd really just talk to you like a real person. He's hilarious. His Twitter is full of him clowning people who are silly enough to think they are more clever than him:

His latest effort, FM!, sounds more like an experience than an album, like driving down the highway in the hot summer with one of those raucous radio stations turned on full blast. You can see the heat rising off the blacktop over the sounds of Long Beach–inflected hip hop. Exactly the way Vince should be appreciated.

Baltimore-based JPEGMAFIA will be supporting Staples tonight. His music is volatile and glitchy, incoporating elements of rap and electronica but with a punk sensibility about it.

They will also be joined by Channel Tres, a Compton-based musician whose music is dynamic, dance-y, and funky as hell. Apparently, he was almost an EDM DJ and his knowledge and instinct for that kind of musicianship is apparent in how he approaches the work he does now. It's really fucking good! Get there early!