Trumps 2020 reelection campaign is suddenly looking a lot stronger.
Suddenly looking a lot stronger heading into 2020. Getty Images

With the Mueller report in, and with President Trump delighted by its findings, "No collusion!" is going to become part of the rationale for Trump's run at a second term, according to The Washington Post.

For a guy propelled by grievance, it'll be a powerful grievance to nurse in public for the next 20 months. All of which, as Axios points out, makes Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appear "clairvoyant for urging Democrats to drop the impeachment talk — and start obsessing about a 2020 election verdict."

Even if you weren't mad at Pelosi for downplaying impeachment all these months, it's certainly time to be obsessing about 2020 anew.

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When we asked who you Sloggers were voting for back in February, we mostly re-learned that Slog polls are easy to manipulate. (And that Andrew Yang has some very fervent fans in Seattle.) For the post-Mueller-report era, let's do this in this old school style—in the comments.

Who has your vote to run as a Democrat against Trump now?