People I dont want to be right now: Theresa May
People I don't want to be right now: Theresa May DRAZEN_/GETTYIMAGES.COM

Jay Inslee releases his tax returns on Fox & Friends: Then he calls out Trump directly because we all know he was watching. It’s a sad state of affairs that politicians have to go on a Fox morning show just to get a message to the president but it’s sadly been shown to be the most effective way to get his attention. He said, “[Trump’s] got to show what he's been hiding and Americans deserve that truth."

New details emerge about two Lake City shooting victims: Dr. Robert Hassan, a 76-year-old retired Air Force colonel, and 75-year-old Richard Lee were both killed by the gunman, who was identified yesterday as 33-year-old Tad-Michael Norman. The gunman is expected to make his first court appearance today for charges ranging from homicide to robbery. Hassan was only a few days away from a trip down to Florida to meet up with his younger brothers, who told the Seattle Times this tragedy was a “waste of my brother’s life.”

More on Washington’s illegal tax breaks to Boeing: We give Boeing a whopping $100 million tax break every year to incentivize them to build their new planes in the state of Washington. There are only two major airline manufacturers, Boeing and Airbus, so this ruling was born out of fears that Boeing had an unfair competitive advantage over Airbus because of their low tax burden. The U.S. has a similar complaint against the E.U.’s support of Airbus that's working its way through the World Trade Organization. But this tax break isn’t going to change anytime soon, we’ll still be essentially handing them $100 million again next year.

A Washington congressman introduces bill to dissolve Liquor and Cannabis Board: Rep. Drew McEwen (R) thinks the board is more punitive than actively helpful to Washington businesses. This comes after a bipartisan group of lawmakers sent Gov. Jay Inslee a letter last month calling out the LCB’s “toxic culture” and specifically asking him to rescind the nomination of a new board member. The weed industry has complained from the very beginning of the LCB that they are too heavy-handed with their regulatory punishments and don’t give businesses time to correct their mistakes. But it’s not yet clear if dissolving the board entirely is the best fix for that.

Chicago Police demand money from Jussie Smollett: The department sent a letter to Smollett demanding about $130,000 to cover police overtime in relation to their investigation of his alleged assault, or false report depending upon who you ask. Chicago officials still stand by their conclusion that he made a false report, but prosecutors and his lawyer say he’s the one that has been wronged here. I’m no legal expert but it doesn’t seem normal (or legal) for a police department to demand six figures from a guy they investigated but never actually convicted of anything. Unsurprisingly, Smollett and his lawyer do not plan to hand over $130,000 to Chicago.

One part sun, one part clouds: Stir gently and serve with a light sweater.

Purdue Pharma sued by New York State: The makers of the powerful, popular opioid Oxycontin are now being sued by a second state for their alleged role in the deadly opioid epidemic that kills upwards of 70,000 people every year. They are being accused of pushing doctors to prescribe Oxycontin even when not needed, lying about the risks, and ignoring suspicious pharmacies and illegal sale of their product.

Parliament rejects Theresa May’s Brexit plan for a third time: Brexit is a complete shit show. The deadline to leave the E.U. is only two weeks away—and that was the extended deadline. Theresa May has offered to resign if this deal doesn’t get approved, which we now know it wasn’t. It’s unclear where they go from here because without a plan Britain's economy would be in complete disarray after leaving the E.U. in what is known as a hard Brexit. May might ask European leaders for another postponement, but they’re not likely to give it to her.

Peaceful protest:

Timothy Kenney (Me) won his reelection campaign: The people have spoken and I have won a second term as supreme ruler of Slog AM. And when I say the people, I’m talking about The Stranger’s editors, not you people. This isn’t a democracy, it’s Slogacracy. I stand by that joke. But what you can vote on are new things you want to see in Slog AM. Is there an area of local or national news you don’t see covered enough? Let me know. Was my foreign language music week (kinda) a huge fucking hit? Tell me about it. Do you want to know the best places in the city to see badass nature? That’s a Texas-sized 10-4. You might as well email me at because we’re stuck with each other for three more months.

This weekend's best Seattle entertainment options include: The suite of performances sweet, rotten, sweet, the annual spring food walk Georgetown Bites, and an R&B-inflected concert with Beacon Hill native JusMoni.