So, is this thing a ticking time bomb or what?
So, is this thing a ticking time bomb or what? PETROVICH9/GETTY IMAGES

New U.S. Attorney in Seattle warns city not to pursue safe injection sites: Brian Moran, a longtime federal prosecutor, told Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes to “not go there” or the city would face legal action, according to KUOW. It’s not exactly surprisingly that opening a place for people to safely inject drugs is legally fraught, but this is the most explicit legal challenge since Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s New York Times op-ed warning Seattle officials against the project. These prosecutors argue it violates several federal laws, including the Crack House Statute. Yes, that is a real name of a real law on the books.

We’re in an earthquake drought: While some might see this as the calm before the storm, experts think this isn’t really news at all and it doesn’t hint at a massive earthquake to come. The biggest downside of an earthquake drought is people get complacent. I have lived in Seattle for almost five years now and have never experienced an earthquake, not even a little tremor. I’m not even a little bit prepared for a big, disruptive earthquake. Experts think a regular occurrence of mild earthquakes would encourage more people to properly prepare for the massive, end-of-days earthquake we were promised.

Solicitor General Noah Purcell announces intention to run for Washington Attorney General: He gained national attention after successfully suing the Trump administration’s travel ban, but faces a round of political musical chairs going forward. He’s not going to challenge his current boss, Bob Ferguson, if Ferguson runs for a third term as AG, but rumor has it that Ferguson has his sights set on the governor’s office. In turn, Ferguson won’t challenge his boss, Jay Inslee, who hasn’t ruled out running for a third term after what many expect to be an unsuccessful presidential campaign. No disrespect Jay, keep banging the climate change drum!

Nominee to lead Interior Department allegedly just kept on lobbying: We now live in a time where it’s no longer shocking that pro-industry lobbyists are being put in charge of the industries they are supposed to regulate. But it is a little surprising when those same people don’t even stop lobbying. According to new documents obtained by the New York Times, David Bernhardt, the nominee for the Director of the Interior Department, kept lobbying on behalf of his client Westlands Water District for months after he formally ended his legal status as a lobbyist. An invoice shows he was charging for his lobbying services months into 2017 when he had already ended his lobbyist status in November 2016. He claims this was a simple paperwork typo. The Senate Energy Committee will decide today whether to send his nomination to the Senate for a full vote.

You’ve heard of Lunchables, but how about Brunchables? That’s right folks, the same all-in-one lunch experience you loved as a kid is now available for brunch! Well, kind of. The idea got kicked out on twitter as an April Fools Day joke, but now they’re actually going to make it come true. You have to sign up in the next 24 hours to be eligible to win one so hurry to be the envy of your entire brunch group.

Apparently we have one more day of sun: Start it by listening to “One Day More” from the classic musical Les Miserables. You won’t regret it.

Today is the deadline for Jussie Smollett’s bill to the Chicago Police Department: In an unorthodox move, the Chicago police charged Smollett, a not-convicted man (therefore innocent in the eyes of the law) just over $130,000 to cover the costs of their investigation into his reported attack in downtown Chicago. Today is the deadline to pay. Smollett’s attorney previously said he would not be paying that money, but could not be reached today for an update.

Christchurch shooter charged with 50 counts of murder, 39 counts of attempted murder: And more charges could be coming. He said he wants to represent himself and would not be entering a plea bargain. It’s unlikely he will face firearms charges because he obtained the guns used in the attack legally. Those laws have since changed due to sweeping gun reform passed just a week after the shooting.

Vampire Weekend has a new song called “Unbearably White:” Nice to know they’re self aware.

Tonight's best Seattle entertainment options include: The Cadence Video Poetry Festival, a poetry reading with Morgan Parker, and the Pioneer Square Art Walk.