A smug mug before a legal loss. (note: this picture was taken like a month ago or something)
Maybe Tim could teach that college course after his political career doesn't work out? LESTER BLACK

Slog PM tonight is brought to you by this beer we sorta helped make: I mean, not really make. But, Great Question (the beer!) is a collaboration between Cloudburst, Bellingham’s Structures Brewing, and Portland’s Modern Times Beer aka three breweries The Stranger brought together for our Zymurgy Beer Series.

Look at that color!
Look at that color! Nathalie Graham

I'm not the "beer reporter" or anything, I drink it sometimes and am convinced I have a mild allergy to it. That compelling endorsement aside, this shit goes down easy. It tastes like citrus. And a little bit like pine needles. It's foamy! Listen to Lester about beer, not me.

Nkechi Diallo, formerly Rachel Dolezal, avoids two felony charges for fraud: Diallo, who changed her name from Rachel Dolezal after the fallout with that whole thing where she, a white woman, pretended to be black and was the head of the Spokane chapter of the NAACP, was charged with two felony counts of fraud. She failed to report thousands of dollars of income she received from her memoir and utilized food and childcare assistance from the state. She paid the money back and will do over 100 hours of community service to avoid being charged.

Boeing 737 MAX production gets slashed: In the wake of two fatal plane crashes with Boeing's flashy new model, the aerospace giant is cutting production by one-fifth. It will not be impacting employees at the Renton plant, according to the Seattle Times. This decision implies that Boeing expects to have its 737 MAXes grounded for a significant amount of time.

Sexual harassment and discrimination run rampant at Microsoft: Female Microsoft employees have been sharing their experiences with workplace harassment and discrimination in an internal email thread. Many women are frustrated at the so-called "boy's club" environment perpetuated by the work culture at Microsoft; women who have children can't progress as much or as quickly as their male colleagues, women have been called bitches to their faces while in front of human resources staff, one alleged she was asked to sit on a male colleague's lap for a meeting, and other sexist bullshit. The company will be hearing feedback at sessions set up on the week of April 22.

Bye, Rob: Have fun at the NHL.

Tim Eyman could be banned from doing Tim Eyman shit for the rest of his life: Tim Eyman, car-tab goblin and anti-tax troll, is in hot water. There was a hearing today to decide whether Attorney General Bob Ferguson's proposed punishment for Eyman's alleged lifetime of violating campaign finance laws is constitutional. The punishment? A lifetime ban on managing or directing the finances of a political committee. The court found it constitutional. Eyman, according to an actually pretty funny David Gutman article, was shocked.

We're in for a stormy weekend: Yes, I am alive. ENERGIZED. I function on HYDROPOWER.

Condo prices are down, King County! If you have some spare change to buy a condo, the time to buy is now! Prices have dropped 7 percent and there are three times as many condos on the market as there were at this time last year. Mike Rosenberg has more.

A heads up for all my Wedgwood neighbors: Construction on 35th Ave (that will notably Not Be Including Bike Lanes, fuck those neighbors who lobbied against them, you know who you are) is beginning next week. Be advised.

Anthony Wiener will have to register as a sex offender: The former New York congressman is wrapping up a 21-month prison stint for his illicit online interactions with a 15-year-old girl. He has to register for a minimum of 20 years. This case was not the first time Wiener had sent sexually explicit pictures to women.

Does Trump wish America had a 'No Vacancy' sign? It goddamn seems like it. Donald Trump walked back threats that he would close the Mexico-United States border. He visited Calexico, California today and claimed he'd only said he would close the border because "we don’t have room" and "full." He did all of this in front of a 30-foot section of a border wall.

Facebook hosts cybercriminal groups on its site: Cybercriminals aren't hiding out on the dark web, in fact, there are about 385,000 active members spread across 74 easy-to-join and easy-to-find Facebook groups, according to a Gizmodo report. Those groups are for identity thieves, credit card scammers, stolen information salesmen, and more. A lot of times, when you join one of these groups Facebook's algorithm will willingly recommend you join other similar, illicit groups. Facebook's response to these groups is varied and inconsistent.

University of Kansas offers 'Angry White Male' course: I know what you're thinking; who needs a course when we live in this reality every day? Well, in case you want to, you know, "know your enemy," if you will, U of K's course will chart “the rise of the ‘angry white male’ in America and Britain since the 1950s, exploring the deeper sources of this emotional state.” A Kansas Republican congressman is angry so that's all the accreditation this class needs.

Hey, also: Is this your bear?