Johnson (left) is a quitter.
Johnson (left) is a quitter. Lester Black

The Seattle City Council released a list of 13 people who applied and are qualified to take over Rob Johnson's seat on the council. Johnson quit on April 5 to take a job at the new local NHL team. His term runs through the end of November; the council is now looking for who will complete the remainder of his term.

The list includes at least one person, Abel Pacheco, who is also running for the regularly scheduled election in Johnson's District 4 seat.

Here's the list of qualified applicants. Thankfully, City Council troll Alex Tsimerman does not live in District 4 so he is not eligible to take the seat.

Heres the list.

The council will host a candidate forum on April 12 at City Hall and give the qualified candidates a chance to formally present themselves and answer questions from council members on April 17, at 5:30 p.m. The council will vote to fill the vacancy on Monday, April 22.

Bruce Harrell, president of the council, announced two weeks ago that he did not think the council should select someone who was also running in the normally-scheduled election. "I believe we should appoint an experienced 'caretaker' who agrees not to seek election to the Council this year," Harrell said in a memo.

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"If appointed, I will not file," Pacheco told The Stranger. He submitted his paperwork late Friday afternoon, just before the application deadline, Pacheco pointed out. "I mulled it over because quite frankly I feel like there’s a sense of urgency when canvassing and talking to people about the issues so I figured I would get started as soon as possible."

The last time the council selected a replacement member was when they picked Kirsten Harris-Talley, an activist and organizer from the Block the Bunker and No New Youth Jail, in October of 2017 to fill out the remaining two months of Tim Burgess's term. Burgess had left the council to be the mayor of Seattle after former mayor Ed Murray resigned following sexual assault allegations. Pacheco was the runner-up candidate in the appointment of Harris-Talley.

"I think I have as good of a chance as everyone," Pacheco said, "but I know the process well, I know the council and the council members."