Check out Denying Thumper and his forum for lots of info and reviews of devices.


I have a PA and a custom steelworx chastity device. First bit of advice is DO NOT get a PA! I love mine but it is a HUGE commitment and definitely effects the working of my cock. You will not be able to fuck for a very very long time. For whatever reason, folks on piercing websites tend to downplay the unrelenting pain you will experience. Second, my steelworx gear is not as well made as claimed and can be super irritating. Save yourself $1000+ and get the plastic kind


The last time I discussed this here some folks fainted so I spared the details. Just trust me, you don't want a PA. It also would require a minimum of 18 months before you could use it to attach a chastity cage. I had PA for 15 years before getting the steelworx cage and even then it isn't well suited for long term use.


This is some old school, can't read without cringing and looking away a couple of times, vintage Savage Love. Thanks Dan!


It makes intuitive sense that strangling your balls until they are purple is dangerous.

On the flipside, one thing I notice in fetish porn is the practice of breast binding/tying; which has a similar effect on the breasts, they become swollen and turn purple. It certainly doesn't look healthy (or to me, appealing at all) but generally speaking I watch porn with professionals rather than amateurs, so I assume it's basically safe and sane? Can someone confirm?


For those unfamiliar with PA's, for clarification, , it's not like piercing an ear and taking it out next day (like I have done many times) it's a process and 1) don't do your own hole poking, see a professional, and 2) it needs time to heal, don't get PA'd and try a cage same day


Chastity cages can generally be cut off with a bolt-cutter or by a professional. Do not tear your balls off if you need to get the cage off and don't have the key!!!


@7 I assume the reason people would attempt a dangerous removal themselves would be the embarrassment of having to go somewhere to get it removed.

@6, Neither you nor Granny Smith above making having a PA sound appealing, and I don't even have a penis. Why do you guys want one at all? A while back I saw a pic of a woman with some part of her labia pierced (I don't recall exactly where) and thought that was awful as well. Whhhyyyyy?


A textbook case of FTWL.


I don't have a penis or genital piercings, but I have other piercings and I'm planning on a lot more. I don't see what's so complicated about a prince albert. It's supposed to take 6-8 weeks to heal, which would make it much faster than ear cartilage piercings which can easily take over a year to heal. With any piercing it's really important to get an experienced piercer you can trust, you're basically paying for someone to wound you and you want to avoid complications. There is a Facebook group where you can ask professional piercers for advice.


While we're on the subject, is there anything on the market that's long-term comfortable for the lady? All I've found are either badly reviewed chastity belts that look super uncomfortable and clunky or laced up piercings, which I'm not ruling out but is a little drastic to start with.


Mature Metal makes fabulous stainless steel cages, way less expensive than Steelwerks!


@11 You can prevent PIV with locked piercings (comfortable and hygienic, once the piercings heal). The chastity belts which block PIV and PIA are not suitable for long-term wear. And note that it's very hard to prevent a determined woman from masturbating.


“'s very hard to prevent a determined woman from masturbating...”

I think I’ve found my next t-shirt quote...


I once bought a male chastity device (a "HolyTrainer", google it) to see if I could incorporate it in the play with my favorite professional mistress. The thing was a letdown in my opinion. While your balls are indeed locked, it was pretty easy to pull your cock out of the top (balls can't be squeezed flat but a cock can, when flaccid). So clearly some suspension of disbelief would be needed.

A bigger problem was how to keep the thing clean if I was going to wear it for days or weeks. One bathroom visit and it would have been full of piss. The only way I could see this working was if I could clean it in the shower every time and that is just not doable.

I gave it away to the aformentioned mistress and it seems that she is using it successfully with other clients now.

I may have mentioned this before here, apologies if it sounds familiar.


"I gave it away to the aformentioned mistress and it seems that she is using it successfully with other clients now."



@8 nightscrawl: It does sound like a disincentive, especially if the cage in question is turning the consenting man's balls purple!
@13 EricaP and @14 DonnyKlicious for the WIN! I want a t-shirt.


Erica, that is the quote of the Year! Love it. And so true.


@16 why ewww? It was worn only once and cleaned before given away.


Bob Flanagan, Super Masochist, had a series of piercings down the underside of his cock, and Rose would just feed a heavy padlock through them an snap it shut. No pressure on the sack.


Sportlandia @5: Purple implies blood flow, which is good. Pale and numb, on the other hand, not good.


I haven’t used a lock, at least not yet, and declined the one time I had the opportunity as I didn’t fully trust the person holding the key.
I can still relate to the potentially fun power play, wouldn’t mind trying it, at least for a limited time, though still have some practicality concerns.

ER @ 15 mentioned comfortability and hygiene. I also wonder how one’s crotch looks like when fully clothed once it’s on. Are such devices limit one’s ability to work out or ride a bike? Any other activities one has to be aware of while locked?
Another issue that comes to mind is going through airport security while using a metal device.

I'm very interested in hearing from locked and lockers alike how such arrangement influence the relationship in terms of intimacy and trust, how the penis functions once it is set free, or anything else you think we should be aware of.


PA's might heal in 8 weeks but the size of jewelry is too small for anything but decoration. You need to "size up" meaning move to increasingly larger diameter jewelry until you get to a fairly large diameter. (otherwise the jewelry will just rip the piercing open and you don't want that) This takes at decent amount of time for each size adjustment. Steelworks does not make PA cages or jewelry in the smaller sizes. That is why takes a couple years to get to a size that works for this purpose.

Your ear isn't a penis. Your ear dosn't have urine flowing through the whole many times a day and most importantly your ear dosn't get an erection or have extreamly sensitive skin. Take your finger and flick your ear really hard. It might hurt a bit. Take your finger and flick your penis/vagina and see if it feels the same as your ear. Also, You ear sticks out of your head. A penis is stuffed into your clothing at a busy intersection. Morning wood + Healing wound + Tangled PJs = pain you can not imagine.


@23 Oh yeah, I forgot about stretching. That would take forever. I'm trying to stretch my lobes and it's way more difficult than a simple piercing, I can't imagine what it's like to stretch genitals. Thanks for elaborating. I wonder if a Jacob's ladder would work for chastity? If @20 is right it sounds like that's what Bob Flanagan has.


Interesting and for many, useful stuff here in the comments. I have no interest in using chastity devices myself, but I always like to learn things. What's especially nice is that when questions/topics like this come up, some people come out of the woodwork to provide helpful information. This is Savage Love at its best.


"You will not be able to fuck for a very very long time."

@2 wasn't that the whole idea?


@22, From those who travel while locked, I hear that the TSA agents are used to it.
-- What's that?
-- It's a chastity device.
-- Do you have the key?
-- No.
Private inspection may be required.


Slomo @16: I'm sure she sterilised it first. Are you similarly squicked about the idea of putting a penis inside a pussy or ass that's had other penises inside it? Not sure why there's this attitude that toys must be virginal! They're not cheap; if one person doesn't get on with a certain item, it can be cleaned and used on someone else.

After @26: No, that's the idea of chastity cages, not piercings. The idea of a Prince Albert, correct me if I'm wrong, is a new and interesting sensation for the people you're fucking. Plus you get to feel like an ultra kinky badass.


@22, So far as trusting the key holder, you could agree on tamper-evident, serialized security tags. You cut it off easily if you really need to, but the key holder will know you have.
If you have a few of these, you can demonstrate on cam that you are locked just before a doctor's appointment, and the re-locked with another one just after.


@26 a PA is effectively a chastity device for the first 6 months or so. It is pretty rare for regular chastity to last that long. Also the idea of chastity is orgasm control. A person who is locked up can not pleasure themselves. Once unlocked they are likely going to want to fuck their partner. The idea is to control the penis not disable it long term. Unless you are gay and exclusively a bottom a non functioning cock is not what folks are looking for.

@8, 28 Having a PA has resulted in substantially more intense orgasms for me and it is also 100% about being "an ultra kinky badass" It makes other kinks seem quaint


Vab25@ 21
I don’t know, those TSA guys often look more suspicious than fellow passengers, and I wonder if their understanding and acceptance of such devices differs by geography.
A friend, female-born presenting as mostly man, told me they were recently checking in at the main Seattle-area airport and were asked by the check in person for their preferred pronoun.
I would be pleasantly surprised if this is some new federal policy, but assume it is just a local touch in a region where there is awareness and a relatively large queer community.


@21, Purple balls are bad.
The testicles are exceptionally prone to gangrene due to lack of blood flow. The cure for that is removal of the testicle(s).


31 I was pulled aside at boise's airport due to my PA. It was an awkward pat down in a side room. Ultimately not that big a deal but not one I hope to repeat. Best not to wear a cage through security. I suggest starting chastity play using the honor system. Get to know how how you adapt to a hands off lifestyle. If you can not be trusted to follow orders then the whole concept giving up control is wrong for you. Also, how are you with pain? even the tamest cages are painful many times during the day.


TheLastComment @ 24 mention of “Jacob’s Ladder” reminded me that “forbidden fruit” came up in a recent thread. First by someone only familiar with the Old Testament, then a former catholic added her own take to the delight of some familiar with the context.

Passover and Easter are just a week away, Passover starts on Good Friday’s evening, so now is a perfect time to reflect on the many biblical terms that are used, or should be used, to describe a sexy/kinky act of some sort. All religions are welcome.

Assuming twists are also welcome I’d like inaugurate this special edition with “Lioness Den.”


Granny @ 33
Thanks for all of your insight. As for pain, what exactly are we talking about? Balls hit by cage/ cage hitting groin/ tip rubbed by hard object?


CMDwannabe @22 - Chastity cages look inconspicuous under clothes. Lots of men are wearing them these days who wouldn't if it were noticeable when dressed.

CMDwannabe @35 - pinching & abrasion are possibilities.

Granny Smith @30 - well, a man who is locked up can not stroke his penis. Depending on the device, he may be able to stimulate his prostate. And many people of whatever genders may find a Hitachi stimulating, even when locked up.


The whole object is to keep you from getting an erection. When your cock gets hard it presses against the cage in unexpected ways. Morning wood can be brutal. Also there are all sorts of rubbing and pinching issues. "Tip rubbed by hard object" sums it up well. The skin on the head of a penis is like crepe paper and bruises easily.

These are all issues you can eroticise but only if you can take pain.


""Tip rubbed by hard object" sums it up well."
Is circumcision or not making a difference in this case?


Ms Cute - Yes; it makes me think of Mr Ank, who could come on and provide the assembled company with some useful phrases if one woke up and found oneself in Riga.


@21 ain't it imply that blood is flowing in and not out?


@21 fubar: Blood flow yes, but....(my) being cis female and born without a penis, I am going with Dan, SL guest speaker Christopher Miers of Steelwerks (thank you both), and everybody who sees any male chastity device that turns a man's balls purple as a glaring red flag. I would be concerned about the possible blockage of circulation, akin to strangulation. Not quite the same scenario as the LW's, but I am a survivor of strangulation, and what I went through wasn't pretty,

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