What kind of asshole brings a gun to an arts venue?
What kind of asshole brings a gun to an arts venue? Kelly O

After a study of arts venues nationwide, Seattle Theatre Group (STG) has reevaluated its security protocol and decided to install walk-through metal detectors at the entrances to the Paramount, Moore, and Neptune Theatres. The new arrangement starts on April 15 at the Paramount. In addition, a more stringent bag policy will be implemented: maximum size for handbags will be 8"x6"x3" and for clear bags, a maximum of 12"x12"x6". The bag inspection procedures and prohibited items list will remain unchanged.

In a press release, STG executive director Josh LaBelle said, "These new security practices offer an effective way to thoroughly screen those entering our venues without disrupting our patrons' live performance experience." STG PR manager Emily Krahn noted in an email interview that "the new policy isn’t due to an increase in prohibited items—such as guns—being found. It’s a proactive move to keep up with best practices regarding audience safety." By the way: Don't plan on bringing in joints and/or vape pens to these venues; they will be confiscated.

STG staff and security personnel will use screening gear and measures akin to those deployed at airports, concerts, and sporting events—a move that reflects an increasingly frequent approach at American performing-arts venues. (Thanks, NRA and Trump.) Consequently, STG encourages patrons to arrive at least an hour before events to avoid bottlenecks at showtime.