303 is the magic number.
303 is the magic number. Courtesy of Jordan Rundle

Leash, "Ashed Out" (self-released)

With Newaxeyes seemingly finished (they had a great run and were for a few years the city's most interesting band), electronics manipulator/bassist Jordan Rundle has wasted no time starting a solo project. Under the alias Leash, the Seattle musician's recorded a 20-minute release that is being mastered even as you read this. It's not too much of a departure from Newaxeyes' output, although the tracks sound less obviously sample-based than that quartet's work. The same future-facing adventurousness that marked Newaxeyes' best material surfaces here, with Rundle excelling equally at dystopian ambient auras and rugged, jagged beatmaking that sometimes takes the form of truculent tech-house. As with much of the best music of the 21st century, Leash's evocative debut isn't easily categorized.

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The first single from this mini-album, "Ashed Out," unleashes a regimented series of squishy, acidic TB-303 bass riffs (or convincing facsimiles thereof) and slashing, metallic beats that remind me of Photek and Scorn at their respective '90s peaks. It's a brutal cut that ought to soundtrack a chaotic conflict in a sci-fi film. I'd love to have this bad boy on a fat-grooved 12-inch. Just putting that out there... Check it out after the jump.

Leash plays Thursday, April 25 at Belltown Yacht Club with Raica, Vox Mod, and Wristboi.

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