Amazon and Alaska Airlines head up the list of 60 American companies with a 2018 tax bill of $0.
Amazon and Alaska Airlines show up on a list of 60 American companies with a 2018 federal tax bill of $0. Andrei Stanescu / Getty Images

It's already become a talking point for Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren on the campaign trail: 60 American companies paid nothing in taxes for 2018, roughly double the number that paid nothing in the years before the Trump tax cuts took effect.

The list of those 60 companies with a federal tax bill of $0, compiled by the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, includes familiar corporate names like Halliburton, Eli Lilly, and Netflix, as well as two major Seattle-based brands: Amazon and Alaska Airlines.

According to ITEP, for the 2018 tax year Amazon actually got paid $129 million by the US government, in the form of a rebate, after making $11 billion in this country.

Alaska Airlines, according to ITEP, received a $5 million federal rebate in 2018 after making $576 million for the year.

The Trump tax cuts helped make this possible by lowering the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 21 percent, and Bernie calls the overall results a "disgrace" while Elizabeth Warren calls it more evidence of a truly "rigged" system.

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Over in Ohio, which helped put Trump in the White House in 2016, The New York Times checks in on how this information is hitting Youngstown, the city where a campaign-mode Trump told workers to stay put because jobs were "all coming back" if he was elected.

General Motors, one of the companies on the zero-tax list, recently idled a large plant near Youngstown that produced the Chevrolet Cruze, a decision that helped increase the company’s stock price even as G.M. paid no federal taxes on $4.32 billion in income.

Since he took office, Trump's approval rating in Ohio has dropped by 20 points.