Lavender Countrys Patrick Haggerty
Lavender Country's Patrick Haggerty Via Lavender Country's GoFundMe

Lavender Country, the pioneering gay country band that had an unexpected resurgence in 2014, is planning on releasing a new album, titled Blackberry Rose. The album comes nearly 46 years after they released the world's first gay country album, the self-titled Lavender Country. The news was announced yesterday via a GoFundMe page set up for the album.

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"Lavender Country is ready to release a full length album of previously unreleased songs," the page reads. "The songs are recorded, but in order to get this music out, we need your help. Please consider donating and being a part of history." In case you missed it: Lavender Country is a big deal and a Seattle treasure. In this, the "Year of the Yeehaw," it seems Lavender Country could be poised to retake the national consciousness, especially with all the rising stars, like Orville Peck, who have been citing Lavender Country as important influences.

I just became the first donor for the GoFundMe. The $30 I put down gets me the album on vinyl plus a digital download. Now, only 999 more $30 donations to go. If you decide to donate—which you should—here's the cool shit you'll get (besides pride):

$10 - digital download of Blackberry Rose

$20 - CD + download of Blackberry Rose

$30 - Blackberry Rose on vinyl + a digital download

$50 - Blackberry Rose on Vinyl, CD & download

$75 - Blackberry Rose + reissue of the original Lavender Country LP on Vinyl + digital download

$150 - Autographed copies of Blackberry Rose + reissue of the original Lavender Country on vinyl

$300 - All of the above + a limited edition Lavender Country t-shirt

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$500 - A personal phone call from Patrick Haggerty + all of the above

$3000 - private acoustic concert in your home (US only, includes airfare) + all of the above