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Booksmart is about Molly and Amy (Beanie Feldstein and Kaitlyn Dever), two accomplished girls who are currently enjoying their final day of high school—and realizing that they've alienated all of their peers by focusing only on school and each other. (Molly and Amy are fun! Just focused.)

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Then something snaps, and Molly decides the pair needs a party experience before graduation, which kicks off an epic night of social awkwardness, attempted hook-ups, accidental drug use, and inescapable theater kids.

The love-you-to-death friendship between Molly and Amy is the heart of director Olivia Wilde and writers Susanna Fogel, Emily Halpern, Sarah Haskins, and Katie Silberman's movie, and major credit is due to Dever and Feldstein for crushing that chemistry.

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They’re lifted up by a brilliant supporting cast of fellow teen misfits (including Billie Lourd, who steals every scene she barreled through) and fuckup grownups (Jason Sudeikis, Jessica Williams, and Mike O’Brien) who round out a laugh-inducing, cry-inducing, and utterly relatable high-school universe that I both wanted to inhabit and also gave me PTSD.

I had a hard time writing this review, because it stirred up so many Big Teen Feelings—and then somebody walked by my desk wearing the same deodorant my high school boyfriend wore, and I fully reverted into my teen self and had to take a break to listen to the Getup Kids for a solid 20 minutes before attempting to resume my 2019, 36-year-old existence. But I can’t.

This movie really got in there. I never want to go back to high school, but I sure wish I'd been able to watch Booksmart in high school.