Coming soon: affordable housing!
Coming soon: affordable housing! Heidi Groover

Seattle City Council approves plan to redevelop Fort Lawton: The $90 million plan will turn 34 acres near Discovery Park into roughly 240 affordable homes for low-income individuals and formerly homeless seniors, reports Seattle Times's Daniel Beekman. The council voted unanimously to adopt the surplus federal property at Fort Lawton, although Councilmembers Lorena González and Kshama Sawant noted they wished the plan included more housing units. The plan has been delayed for years due to "Magnolia activist" Queen of the NIMBYs Elizabeth Campbell, who brought a lawsuit against the city in 2008, and also in 2017. A judge ruled against Campbell last year. Today's vote from the council is a long-delayed win for housing advocates.

Annual Seattle Erotic Art Festival and Halloween party returns to Seattle Center October 29 –31!
A weekend of art, performance, readings, & more! Festival ends at Seattle's sexiest Halloween party.

The council also voted on the Showbox: The vote was 8-1 to extend the temporary expansion of the Pike Place Market Historical District to cover the nightclub. Nathalie has more here.

Here are all the songs that democratic candidates walked out to at the Iowa Democrats Hall of Fame campaign yesterday: Which one was the best choice? Vote in the poll at the bottom of this post. (I'm voting for Warren's "9 to 5," but Harris's "Work That" is a close second.)

The headline says it all: "'Friendship tree' planted by Presidents Trump and Macron has died" *chef's kiss*

Save the pygmy rabbits: North America's smallest rabbit, the Columbia Basin pygmy rabbit, was nearly extinct by the late 1990s. Biologists captured 16 of them, and now, around 20 years later, they number in the hundreds in the Columbia Basin, reports Crosscut via High Country News. But fires threaten to wipe out the entire population, as well as decades of work reintroducing them into the wild. “When I get asked—‘Why do we need pygmy rabbits?’—I don’t always have the best answer,” said Jon Gallie, an endangered species project leader with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. "You either value biodiversity or you don’t."

Is this cool or upsetting?: This is going to be the next big trend in painting.

This Picasso painting is alive!
It's alive! Photo Wake-Up / Pablo Picasso

You're watching a Picasso painting come to life! Photo Wake-Up, a software application currently being developed by UW Scientists and Facebook, constructs 3-D representations of 2-D subjects, reports GeekWire. Here's how it works:

Stranger art critic Jasmyne Keimig has written about post-analog art and how young painters are creating paintings that mimic technological processes like Photoshop or 3D printers. Maybe unknowingly, Photo Wake-Up seems to be an evolution of that interest.

InfoWars settles Pepe the Frog lawsuit: Do you remember Pepe the Frog? What about InfoWars? You live a charmed life if you don't. InfoWars, Alex Jones's fear-mongering conspiracy theory website, has shelled out $15,000 to Matt Furie, the cartoonist and creator behind Pepe the Frog, a formerly apolitical cartoon character who was co-opted by Trump supporters and far-right groups on the internet. Furie has attempted to regain control of the character through a series of lawsuits against websites who used the frog's image without permission. InfoWars was one of these websites, with the lawsuit centering on a poster that featured Pepe next to Alex Jones.

Salesforce buys Tableau: For $15.7 billion, reports TechCrunch. Tableau, a data software visualization company based in Fremont, will continue to remain in Seattle and operate independently. Salesforce is a cloud-based software company headquartered in San Francisco.

New York could soon be the best state for sex workers: New York state legislators have introduced a bill that would fully decriminalize sex work in the state, reports BuzzFeed News. However, the bill is expected to face a difficult battle, even though Democrats have a majority in both houses of the state Legislature. Dems, as we've pointed out before, aren't always the best allies to sex workers. The Stop Violence in the Sex Trades Act would repeal penalties associated with buying and selling sex and update laws around prostitution.

While we're being slut-positive: I also endorse this thread about kinky people belonging in Pride celebrations. Click through to read it.

How many false or misleading claims does Trump make a day: 1? 2? 10,000? Turns out it's around 12.4. As of June 7, Trump has made 10,796 false or misleading claims over 869 days. He crossed the 10,000 mark on April 26 and has averaged around 16 misleading claims a day since then.

Legal experts testify to Congress that the Mueller Report should be enough to "obtain a guilty verdict" on Trump: That quote comes from former U.S. Attorney Joyce White Vance who, along with several other legal experts, told the House Judiciary Committee that the only thing protecting Trump from being charged with a crime is the fact that he's the president. Former Nixon White House counsel and Watergate witness John Dean told the committee that “in many ways, the Mueller report is to President Trump what the so-called ‘Watergate road map’... was to President Richard Nixon. Mueller has provided this committee with a road map.” So, when are we impeaching the motherfucker already?

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Queer Eye's Jonathan Van Ness comes out as nonbinary: Out magazine's Fran Tirado has the exclusive, where Van Ness said, “Some days I feel like a man, but then other days I feel like a woman." In the interview, Van Ness said he uses he/him pronouns. “I’ve been wearing heels and wearing makeup and wearing skirts and stuff for a minute, honey,” Van Ness told Tirado. “I just didn’t know that that meant that I had a title.” The Queer Eye star was recently in Seattle officiating a wedding as a part of an Elysian Brewing contest.

Trailer dump: Sherman’s Showcase, a new musical sketch-comedy show inspired by shows like Soul Train and In Living Color, has a trailer and premiere date. It'll come out on July 31 on IFC and feature Tiffany Haddish, Common, Quincy Jones, and the Lucas Brothers as guest stars, among many others. John Legend is an executive producer.