Candidate Survivor—the esteemed semi-regular political event that brought you Washington State Senator Bob Hasegawa vape-fluting, former Mayor Mike McGinn juggling, and current Mayor Jenny Durkan throwing tequila into an all-ages crowd—is back! Again! This year the Washington Bus and The Stranger are teaming up to hold a political pageant to determine Seattle's next City Council on Wednesday, August 21. Seattle drag legend Cookie Couture will host. There will be sashes and crowns and maybe even tears.

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If you're new around here, Candidate Survivor is like a regular candidate forum, but more fun. Think a CNN Town Hall mixed with a vogue battle on Pose. All fourteen (!!!) of the Seattle City Council candidates who pass the primary election on August 6 will answer serious policy questions before showcasing their special talents. Just like in the general election, candidates will fight their district opponent for a spot on the City Council. By the end of the night, the audience will vote to crown the seven new City Council Members. It's FREE to attend, although you're recommended to RSVP.

Some highlights from 2017:

  • Will Kshama Sawant vape-flute like Bob Hasegawa? (Be warned: This rap is going to be stuck in your head all day. We gotta fix the city!)

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  • Will anyone do an impersonation, like Mayor Durkan's Sean "Spicey" Spicer? As former Stranger reporter Ana Sofia Knauf wrote, "It was unexpected and fucking hilarious—until she used the term 'colored person.'"

  • Will Nikkita Oliver show up and rap?

    We'll find out on August 21! AND REMEMBER: Make sure to vote on August 6 in the primary election. Our contractually-binding Stranger Election Control Board endorsements come out next Wednesday, July 17. Obviously, just vote how we tell you to vote—and then come to Candidate Survivor.

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