Sven Gamsky, keepin it casual as Still Woozy
Sven Gamsky, keepin' it casual as Still Woozy Courtesy Paradigm Agency

The Oakland artist otherwise known as Sven Gamsky doesn’t have a huge amount of recorded material under his Still Woozy alias—the fresh 2019 Lately EP and several stand-alone singles—but what’s available is bright, breezy, languid anti-pop crafted in his garage with a combination of electronics (synths, drum pads) and organic instrumentation (guitar, bass, piano).

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Gamsky has a hushed cooing vocal that can reach falsetto notes while maintaining its lovely sighing quality in songs like the swishing and skidding bossa-nova-influenced “Ipanema” (featuring Omar Apollo and Elujay), the sumptuous amorousness of “Habit,” or the easy, bouncy of Montreal–evocative “Lava.” This is sigh-of-pleasure music, the sort you hear that is immediately satisfying, like a sweet caress to the ears, and that prompts a knee-jerk out-loud exhalation of 'Ahhhh' along with a feeling of relief that it exists at all.

Still Woozy performs at Capitol Hill Block Party 2019 on Saturday, 9:45–10:30 pm, on the Vera Stage. Choice media below.

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