No (C)ops

No Cops at Broadway and E Union.
No Cops at Broadway and E Union. Jasmyne Keimig

I found this on my walk to eat $10 sushi at Whole Foods, lol. It's right outside the 8oz Burger and Co on the corner, if I'm remembering correctly. This is a sign "intervention" that I haven't seen before. "No Cops," but also remember "No Stops"—don't get a ticket!

Does Anyone Remember Kaiser Chiefs?
Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby--ahhhhhh--do ya do ya do ya do ya
Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby—ahhhhhh—do ya do ya do ya do ya JK
God, this sticker has got that song, "Ruby" stuck in my head. Remember 2007? Wild time. From the looks of this sticker, whatever it's advertising is way cooler than Kaiser Chiefs. It looks like either a skate brand or a band. I've seen it posted in multiple places around the Hill and I need to know who or what this is!

Support The Stranger

I Look Good in a Crown

A person in a crown.
A person in a crown at Lo-Fi. JK

I caught this picture mid-stream in the bathroom at Lo-Fi last week. Whenever I see a crown my mind immediately goes to Basquiat, though this artist's style and his are totally different.

Trans Liberation, Not U.S. Invasion
Honestly, I agree.
Honestly, I agree. JK
"War is tacky" may be the understatement of the century! I am down to ban everyone from the military, defund it, and reappropriate the money! Have it go to free healthcare/education for everyone! Plant 100 million trees across the United States to offset carbon emissions! Call me a hippie! Other ideas are welcome in the comments!!!!

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