DJ Cardamami may be moving to NYC this week, but theyre leaving a rich legacy of raising the profile of far-flung genres in Seattle.
DJ Cardamami may be moving to NYC this week, but they're leaving a rich legacy of raising the profile of far-flung genres in Seattle. Jessica M. Kirk



Current top 5 tracks:

Malaysia Vasudevan & S.P. Sailaja, "Pattu Enge" (Bombay Connection)
"My favorite genres to play and listen to lately have been desi disco and funk. This song was a part of a mix I did recently for The White Pube’s web residency."

A.R. Rahman, Sonu Nigam, "Saathiya" (YRF Music)
"I watched so much '90s and early-2000s Bollywood as a kid, more recently, I fell into it again when my nanima was living with my family. Saathiya is a Hindi remake of a Tamil film (Alaipayuthey) and the soundtrack is composed by the legendary A.R. Rahman. Sonu Nigam is on so many of the hits of this era of Bollywood. I love playing Bollywood, as it sparks the most conversations, usually around films from our childhoods, nostalgia."

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan/Bally Sagoo, "Dum Dum Ali Ali" (Oriental Star Agencies)
"Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan—Mashallah! Bally Sagoo has done some of my favorite Bollywood and bhangra mixes, also he makes many appearances on the Bend It Like Beckham soundtrack, my fave movie as a kid (and now)."

Jai Paul, "He" (XL Recordings Ltd.)
"My favorite song this summer, by the elusive Cancerian Jai Paul."

DJ Haram, "Body Count" (Hyperdub)
"DJ Haram is a Philly based producer and DJ. This is my favorite track off of her recently released EP, Grace; I love the darbuka throughout. For Yalla Yeehaw, I like to include a lot of diasporic artists into my sets. I think it’s important to consider how we still contribute to our cultures living within diasporas."

Crew: "I’m a member of TUF, a collective that focuses on uplifting marginalized folks including people of color, women, queer, trans, and gender nonconforming identities."

Styles played: "I started DJing to play music from my cultural background. My family is South Asian and Afro-Carribbean, and I am mostly interested in music from South Asia Southwest Asia North Africa (SASWANA), the Caribbean, Latin America, and our diasporic and surrounding communities. I play all kinds of genres by SASWANA and Caribbean/Latinx artists (including artists living in the diasporas). Lately I have been playing lots of disco, funk, Bollywood, British bhangra, Arab pop, reggaeton, soca, dancehall, baile funk."

Events organized: "Yalla Yeehaw with DJ Mansaf Mama (Alia Taqieddin). Yalla Yeehaw is a celebration for and by the Pacific Northwest’s SASWANA community, featuring desi bedouin cowboy vibes, arab pop, bhangra, among other SASWANA musical faves. We use the term SASWANA because we are both aligned with the mission of SWANA LA to define our cultural heritage by geographic terms and move away from using imperialist language to describe our experience. The addition of SA to SWANA comes from both our collective identities as well as the makeup of the communities and experiences in Seattle—particularly our Muslim community. Outside of our DJ set, we are a part of a community of SASWANA folx organizing around issues in our communities.

"Our set is inspired by our childhoods, communities, friendship with one another, as well as the network of SASWANA dance nights happening across the country and internationally. One of our first encounters with SASWANA music played outside of our homes/communities was seeing DJ Anjali (Portland) perform as teenagers (who hosts the longest running South Asian dance party—since 2002!) It’s also inspiring to see Pride of Arabia (London), Discostan (LA), YallaPunk (Philly), Disco Tehran (NYC), Yalla Party (BK).

"A newer event is Mango con Tajín with DJ Violeta (Victoria Harrell), where we play music from across the Caribbean & Latin America."

DJing philosophy: "Don’t prepare too much! Winging it is more fun and keeps me engaged if I’m playing a long set by myself."

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Format: "I usually just use a mixer, because it’s easiest to transport on the bus and is probably the most affordable way to DJ."

Worst request: "White men taking bets on my ethnic background and requesting I play music from where they think I’m from."

Upcoming events: "None at the moment, as I am moving to New York on Friday. We are hoping to transition Yalla Yeehaw into a radio show in the near future, but I am excited to see the continuation of Yalla Yeehaw through DJ Mansaf Mama and Mango con Tajín through DJ Violeta!"

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