He speaks for the Bike Master Plan!
He speaks for the Bike Master Plan! CITY OF SEATTLE

More bad news for Boeing: Amid all this "our plane murdered hundreds of people" hoopla, Boeing is facing problems with another one of their planes. The once-neighborhood plane manufacturer is still working on a fix for its 737 MAX 8 which had a glitch that caused two planes to crash within months of each other. But, its newest jet, the 777X is facing setbacks and delays. Its current issue is an engine glitch. Is anyone even buying Boeing's planes at this point? I'm picturing Airbus's CEO reading all these headlines with a small smile on his face.

Pacific Northwest Ballet presents: Romeo et Juliette at McCaw Hall
Romeo et Juliette returns to PNB to sweep you off your feet – just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Councilmember Lorena Gonzalez wants Bob Ferguson's job: But only if Attorney General Bob Ferguson runs for governor. And that all depends on Gov. Jay Inslee's presidential run and whether he'll pursue a third term as governor. Still, Gonzalez has expressed interest in the attorney general role. So have two other Democrats who have launched exploratory bids.

Driving anywhere this weekend? It'll probably be traffic hell. The Aurora Bridge will be reduced to just one lane in either direction starting Friday night through until Monday morning so the bridge can get painted and paved. Then, southbound I-405 in Bellevue will be shut down at different times during the weekend for some light rail construction or something. More info here.

Were you stuck in bad traffic on I-405 yesterday? The morning commute was snarled because someone had their baby on the side of the road. The baby, Jade, was born just before 6 a.m. in a car pulled over on the freeway.

In other baby traffic news: Actor Danny Trejo, or as you know him, "Machete," saved a kid's life yesterday. Trejo was nearby when two cars collided on Wednesday. One was overturned with a young special-needs child strapped in a car seat. Trejo and another bystander crawled into the car to get the child out while firefighters worked to free his grandmother who was in the car with him.

Mike O'Brien speaks for the bike lanes: He's like the Lorax of the Bike Master Plan. Councilmember O'Brien wants to fight for bike lanes. He proposed an ordinance that would mandate that the Seattle Department of Transportation include bike lanes on any $1 million-plus paving project on any road that was slated for bike lanes in the long-standing bicycle master plan. This is in direct response to the whole 35th Avenue NE debacle which killed bike lanes on a repaving project after neighborhood outrage.

This is why I feel so sleepy this morning: It's cloudy and cozy this morning. We're all socked in by clouds and it threw off my goddamn circadian rythm.

A Whatcom County murder-suicide: An elderly couple was found dead in their home outside of Ferndale, Washington in an apparent murder-suicide. The husband had called 911 and told them he was going to kill himself and where he and his wife's bodies would be. Responders found them dead in bed together. A note cited mounting health issues and health care costs that the couple wasn't able to pay as the reason behind the murder-suicide.

Climate change is causing food crises: The global food supply is at risk because of climate change. Soil is being lost, places are turning into deserts, and the supply of food and water is being unprecedentedly strained. Pair that with natural disasters and drought and whew boy this is a doozy. The scarcity will impact poorer countries first and spur more migration. Action on a "sweeping scale" could prevent this. Emphasis on sweeping.

ICE has 500 different contracts with over 200 companies: Immigration and Customs Enforcement needs a lot of different resources in order to function. There are some notable names on this list of companies that help ICE including Microsoft and Amazon Web Services. There are also tons more that you probably haven't heard of. Is your company on this list?

Advice column gems: There's a viral "Dear Polly" column going around about a woman with a lethal mushroom allergy whose in-laws keep intentionally serving dishes with mushrooms and get scandalized that she "doesn't like mushrooms." Here's a link to that. But, it's inspired other people to come out of the woodwork and share their favorite advice column horrors. This person just tweeted this tidbit and I enjoyed it a bunch so I think you will too.

This is a mood: Florida man pulls gun on delivery crew after furniture arrives late, tells them ‘I’ve shot people for less’

Man deported to Iraq dies: The man was 41-years-old and had lived in the U.S. since he was a young child. He was born in Greece and was an Iraqi national though he had never lived there. Under Trump’s immigration enforcement, the man was deported back to Iraq in June. He didn't speak any Arabic. According to an immigration lawyer close to the man and his family, the man could not procure insulin to treat his diabetes while in Iraq. That is how he died.

That ICE raid yesterday has left many Mississippi children homeless: The raids on Mississippi food processing plants resulted in nearly 680 arrests. Many of the children of those arrested have nowhere to go and are now homeless. Thanks to local community members, the children had a place to sleep: the community gym. Neighbors and strangers picked them up and brought them there.

It's too hot for Arizona postal workers: The delivery trucks don't have air conditioning. Many of the mailmen (and mail women) sit in 120-plus degree heat throughout the day. One mailman sent a state representative updates on how hot the truck was by taking pictures of a raw steak that, by the end of the day, was cooked through to an internal temperature of 142 degrees.

Look for The Stranger on tv today! Staffers Lester Black, Jasmyne Keimig, and I will be on KING5's New Day Northwest this morning to chat about current events. I don't know what to wear! Also, please email me if I look tired. I would love that! (That is sarcasm. Don't do that.)

Tonight's best Seattle entertainment options include: A talk with Little Book of Jewish Sweets author Leah Koenig, a reading by Chuck Klosterman, and socially aware Americana with James McMurtry.

Fannie: The Music and Life of Fannie Lou Hamer: Jan 13-Feb 14 at Bagley Wright Theatre
Part theater, part revival, and all power, this one-woman show will have your head nodding and hands clapping!