My expression while reading Trump supporters illiterate hate mail.
My expression while reading Trump supporters' illiterate hate mail. Dave Segal

In my August 15 Slog review of the Rolling Stones' show at CenturyLink Field, I made a couple of negative remarks about the current dementia-addled, toxically narcissistic occupant of the White House. Sure, I could've written about the concert without the snide comments, but in these times of extraordinary duress for anyone who's not a white nationalist or billionaire, I felt like venting. It's my blog post and I'll snipe if I want to.

What I didn't expect was a torrent of emails from angered Trump supporters, 95 percent of which contained spelling and grammatical errors and a middle-school level of discourse. Did an ultra-conservative site or pundit link to my review and order their feeble-minded minions to spew bile at me, a music critic who dared to speak ill of their idol? It sure seems so. Below is a sampling of the hate mail I received; it can be perceived as a microcosm of the MAGA-infested mindset. All emails are as [sic] as [sic] can be.


You pond scum PIECE OF SHIT.


Trump Train Forever!!!!!!


My response: Oh, good, another illiterate whine from somebody who supports a rapist/racist/traitor/Putin puppet. You sure come off as a low-IQ, gullible fool who can't spell. But thanks for reading and boosting The Stranger's bottom line.

So why do you punk journalist always have to bash President Trump no matter what the subject matter. The Stones concert that you wrote about has absolutely nothing to do with Donald Trump, but you scumbags always find a way to mention some stupid political statement , when he wins the election again in 2020 this will be why he does. Music journalist used to be so great but people like you are a joke. You better just stick with the Beiber crowd cause you are not intelligent enough to be doing Stones reviews. What a joke you are

My response: Trump not only won't win in 2020, he won't even be on the ballot.

Was looking forward to reading your clever R n R Review of the stones...until you trashed our President.. shame on you: Frank Zappa was correct when he wrote in Packard Goose: Rock n roll writers write the worst kind of cheese

A Frank Zappa aficionado in thrall to Trump? 2019 is wild.

Libtard Moron!

You can't respond to somebody like this.

You were spot on in your review of the Stones No Filter Tour. I was fortunate to have seen them in DC in July. Even though, the reviewer of the DC show never felt the need to compare Mick with the POTUS. Why did you?

My response: Because I wanted to. The fact that it agitated Trump supporters is just a bonus.

Her response:

That was childish. The subject matter had nothing to do with Trump.

My response: Everything right now has to do with Trump. He’s an airborne toxic event infecting all of American life. And if we’re lucky, this will not be the case for much longer.

Her response:

Thank you for your reply.

I'm still in shock that she didn't come back with a hackneyed insult.

Let me educate you. If it wasn't for Trump's economy none of us would be able to see the stones due to their tix prices
Do to Trump's economy I was able to see them twice at MetLife recently. Maybe you should have given the Barbra Streisand review at Madison Square Garden recently instead. So this way you could have listened to her bash Trump at her concert if it wasn't for Trump's economy nobody would have gone to her concert cuz her tickets are insane also you damn hypocrites I'm sure your 401k plan is sitting pretty nice right now

My response: Trump helps the 1% and shafts pretty much everyone else. Those tariffs prove he has no clue about economics, according to actual economists.

I'm still waiting for a rejoinder.