29 quickies, and only a babys handful of them are about this lil guy.
29 quickies, and only a baby's handful of them are about this lil guy. PHOTO BY ARI PERILSTEIN/GETTY IMAGES FOR COMEDY CENTRAL

People keep pushing Trump on his potential gun bill: He's got nothing. Vanity Fair.

He won't take away your guns: But he will take away your flavored e-cigs. New York Times.

Feral hogs approach the U.S. border: Build the wall. CTV News.

The Milton post office will be closed: Due to a snake infestation. Caswell Messenger.

Trump delays tariff increase: As "a gesture of good will" toward China.

Ride the Ducks Seattle: Is suing Ride the Ducks International. I don't know if your mom told you this, but don't get in a “Stretch Duck," kids. The Seattle Times.

Kids: They're vaping. One in Washington got sick. The Stranger.

A billionaire is dead: But more importantly, the name T. Boone Pickens once lived. Reuters.

K-Pop heartthrob boy band group Pentagon came to Seattle: The crowd came, too. The Seattle Times.

Biden is still the leader: But only by a single-digit advantage, not a double. CNN

Daniel Johnston: Is dead. The Stranger.

Cascadia Weekly: Is (allegedly) stealing content from journalists.

Want to know more about Bellingham-based Cascadia Weekly? Read here and here. Association of Alternative Newsweeklies and BBJ Today.

A river in Zurich: Is dyed green. The Evening Standard.

Where is the River Zigzyakutakek? Other than in Egan Orion's second middle name, after Colter and before Kennedy. Twitter.

More Central Americans will die now: The Supreme Court sides with Trump on asylum claims. New York Times.

This fucking Hurricane Sharpie story: It’s still going. Turns out Trump pressured Mick Mulvaney to yell at forecasters who wouldn’t lie for the President. New York Times.

Kamala Harris’s health care plan: It’s bad. HuffPost.

Worst case for a no-deal exit? “Riots in the streets, food price rises and reduced medical supplies.” BBC.

This is cute: But let it be known that we are Seattle's Only Holl Blog.

California says Uber must treat its drivers as employees: Uber says nah. New York Times.

Could Uber even survive classifying all their drivers as employees: If they could, I doubt they would be putting millions of dollars into a ballot initiative to fight the change. GeekWire.

Update on climate change: The yellow clams are black now. The Washington Post.

There are no bad ideas in a brainstorm: But there are bad ideas in a candidate forum. The Stranger.

Dogs of 9/11: Did you forget them?

Purdue Pharma settles: The terms: “The Sacklers would relinquish control of Stamford, Conn.-based Purdue Pharma and admit no wrongdoing. The company would declare bankruptcy and be resurrected as a trust whose main purpose would be producing medications to combat the opioid epidemic.” The Washington Post.

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Out of the bones and ashes of the old First Hill McDonald's: Rises a new demon. Capitol Hill Seattle Blog.

Biden thinks the media doesn’t get him: And, yet again, he’s wrong. Politico.

Dacha: It's not just YOUR favorite new restaurant, sir. Seattle Times.