Brown also never paid the bill.
Brown also never paid the bill. Michael Reaves/Getty Images

$2 million bail for Westlake shooter: The 20-year-old accused of killing one person and injuring two others in a Friday night shooting at the downtown light rail station has had his bail set. A judge ruled that he was a threat to the community and found probable cause that he was the suspected killer. His bail was set at $2 million. The suspect also had prior offenses including a felony conviction and two misdemeanors.

Mountlake Terrace Elementary School almost had a kidnapping: An 11-year-old girl was contacted by a stranger on Snapchat who claimed to be a 14-year-old boy. Spoiler alert: He was not a 14-year-old boy. The girl found that out when her new friend showed up at her school to meet up with her. He was a man driving a blue sedan. He tried to lure the girl and the friend she brought along for the meet-up into his car. They ran away and called the police. If you know of any suspicious light-blue sedans, the police want your help finding this guy.

Something strange is going on with these silent earthquakes: For 20 years, scientists have measured a cluster of deep, "robust" quakes around the Pacific Rim. They happen cyclically and never posed any real threat. And while they were earthquakes, no one could actually feel them. Except now the quakes are even softer and tinier. Scientists don't know why the change has occurred after 20 years of consistency. I don't want to be "that guy," but this feels like the part of a sci-fi movie where something crawls out of the gaps between the tectonic plates and it's Godzilla and it's a whole thing. Or maybe it's nothing.

A chance of thunderstorms today???? Hell yeah. Now that's what I call weather!

How are we doing on that whole homelessness crisis thing? The mayor's office released data on how many people are moving from homelessness to housing. The last time they released this data, earlier this year, the administration came under fire for not realizing many of the numbers were duplicated. This time, the data is better. From January to June this year, 1,936 homeless households became housed households, which is a 6 percent increase from last year. The other data point in this Seattle Times report that I found interesting is that tiny-house villages are the most effective at getting people out of homelessness.

Nick Carter has filed a restraining order against Aaron Carter: The Backstreet Boy and his sister Angel filed a restraining order against their brother Aaron (of "I Want Candy" fame). In a tweet, Nick alleged that Aaron had threatened Nick's pregnant wife and unborn child. Aaron claimed he was "astounded" by the accusations. In Nick's tweet, he included the hashtag "gun control now." Aaron is a proud owner of a pistol and two assault rifles. The girl in my third-grade class who loved Aaron Carter (where are you now, Raquela??) is probably shaking.

Peso's Kitchen and Lounge is dead: I'm sorry to report that the 20-year-old beloved Mexican restaurant has closed in Lower Queen Anne.

Warm the cockles of that heart: This video, which the poster has clarified is actually from 2009, is as sweet as can be. It shows Brian Cox, the Scottish actor now making waves in HBO's Succession, trying to teach a 2.5-year-old Hamlet's famous soliloquy. It just about killed me.

California wants stricter vehicle-emissions laws: And President Donald Trump won't allow it. On Wednesday, Trump is expected to revoke California's authority to implement new, tighter auto-emissions laws. California will take this fight to the Supreme Court. It's especially significant because 13 other states follow California's standards. This has the potential to split the auto industry, with some states requiring stricter standards than others. No president has ever revoked a state's ability to regulate its own air quality before this. Isn't states' rights one of the things that get the right all hot and bothered (in a good way)??

Greta Thunberg is speaking to Congress: The Swedish teen climate activist is making waves on her US visit.

Another blow for Antonio Brown: The newly signed New England Patriot's wide receiver is currently facing sexual-assault allegations. Now one of his doctors has come forward with his own story about Brown. Allegedly, Brown was three hours late to an appointment, repeatedly farted in the doctor's face while laughing about it, and never paid the $11,500 bill. (Update: I have been told by some sources that this is a recently resurfaced tidbit from an old Sports Illustrated profile. I'm sorry if it's not new news to you!)

New Mexico is trying to make college free: The state will introduce a plan today that would make all of its public universities free for all residents. It will have to be approved by the legislature. The costs would be covered using oil revenue.

A reminder that ice dancing is the best Winter Olympics event: This video is from the 2018 Winter Olympics. The performance from Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue from Canada got me really into ice dancing for about two weeks. I'm including this hoping that my roommate Nicole, who reads Slog AM every day and forced me to watch clips from The Voice Kids in Germany (her new weird obsession), will finally watch this video. Okay, that's it.

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Nightmare for bull-semen facility: The Australian cow fertility facility was engulfed in a blaze that caused massive destruction. The casualties included the unseeded genetic material within 100 capsules of bull semen. Firefighters putting out the fire had to dodge cummy projectiles because the heat was popping the lids off capsules and sending (frankly very expensive) bull semen flying everywhere. Each canister cost somewhere from $500 to $1,000.

Have you ever heard of combat juggling? This is a perfect meme format. I'm not clever enough this morning to think of a good caption. Something like "The Trump administration trying to balance all of its lies." Let me know if you have any better ones.

Tonight's best Seattle entertainment options include: A chance to see a Elton John on his last tour ever, Art House Theater Day, and Hot Chip's Bath Full of Ecstasy Tour.