This is a stupid idea and a stupid policy that will increase the sale of actual cigarettes. Flavoring the vapor products with something other than cigarette flavor is actually extremely important to the success of vapor products as a cigarette replacements. Using the tobacco flavored vapor products is a hallmark of dual use, that is people who are vaping and also smoking actual cigarettes instead of quitting. Because when the vapor is tobacco flavored, smokers never disassociate their cravings from smoking. So they continue craving cigarettes even as they vape. Whereas fruit flavor vapor products are overwhelming preferred by people who quit smoking, which are far more effective than any other smoking cessation option available. I don't get this, it's outrageously stupid, built on an outrageous assumptions. Smokers don't smoke because they like the flavor or the smell. They smoke because they are addicted!


And improving the flavor of vapor products helps them quit!


What exactly counts as "flavored"?


@4 Any flavor besides tobacco and menthol. Follow the issue before you kick off dumb rhetorical questions.


@4 - A current public health crisis is more important than which product is less addictive.


Nothing works quite like banning something.



Indeed. And my having to periodically walk through those dense fogs of syrupy sweet, gag inducing exhale clouds is more important than a public health crisis. How about if the flavored cartridges were loaded with a small pellet and some gun powder right at the ignition point?

I kid! I (mostly) kid...


Good to hear.

They should also make tobacco illegal.



Like abortion!


In the wake of these tragedies, it is not the time for emotionally charged, knee jerk legislation.

Now is the time to offer thoughts and prayers.


For a change of pace, I suggest a different Getty photograph for the next vaping article.


@10 flush that human right down the drain!


This is the strongest form of regulation we have seen in the past 20 years; no guns owner, no car owner nothing.

More people die from guns, accidents and everything else

There is no science behind the ban because they haven't been able to prove anything which normally would make people think we have a bunch of cases that are not linked; but this is a new day where if they can't make it they fake it.

Common sense out the window because now I can vape on a distillate THC cart and you'll have a very hard time knowing and unflavored nicotine? same thing.

Inslee just proved himself to be a big fat idiot who will not win re-election


What does skoalrebel have to say about this


What we need are executive orders banning all guns. Instead we'll pretend our government officials give a shit about people by banning vaping after some deaths. Never mind cigarettes and alcohol that kill hundreds of thousands (nearly a million) people annually. So fucking absurd.



Human? Are you talking about murder? That's already banned dude. You should watch the news once in a while.


Don’t worry folks, heroin is all but legal in Seattle.


Guess I be heading up to Vancouver BC a lot more now....


Oh and it funny to think that the teens, who already buy off the black market, will in fact continue vape unregulated juice. It takes no effort at all to mix in flavor. Of course now it will be completely unregulated. Look forward to having toxic flavors like cinnamon harming our kids (Cinnamon damages white blood cells when inhaled)


CDC announced today that over 70% of illnesses are due to black market thc carts. Nothing unusual found in nicotine based eliquid. And why would banning flavors help the illnesses anyway?


@21, the flavor ban is for the teen vaping "epidemic" that was created when the National Youth Tobacco Survey changed their questions in 2018 to ensure a higher percentage of positive "ever vaped" answers. There's no other legitimate explanation for the drastic jump between the steady decline of 2011-2017 and 2018 (no, Juul isn't the answer).

He's just using the THC Vitamin E acetate cutting issue as a convenient springboard, since apparently nobody can fucking differentiate between "nicotine vaping" and "THC vaping" which are entirely different compounds and processes.


Will they arrest people in Seattle with less than 3oz of bubble gum flavored heroin as well?


We have laws to keep kids from purchasing flavored tobacco and flavored alcohol products. Raise the fines. Where are the parents? Adults use these flavored e-liquids to keep from smoking cigarettes, it’s about harm reduction. Totally an uneducated decision. Why not ban flavored alcohol? Don’t teens like alcohol too? Ridiculous.

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