Gov. Gavin Newsom will likely change college sports across the country with this new legislation.
Governor Gavin Newsom will likely change college sports across the country with this new legislation. Justin Sullivan/Getty

The downtown Macy's is closing: After 90 years, the downtown retail staple will be closing its doors. Most of that building isn't even Macy's anymore, anyway. The top six floors are occupied by Amazon. The building will be sold next February. For those in mourning, when was the last time you even went in that Macy's?

Vaccinate your kids!: You're breaking the law if you don't! Thousands of Washington kids may be barred from going to school because they haven't met vaccination requirements and are in violation of a state law passed this year that bans personal exemptions to excuse students from the MMR vaccine. While non-vaccinated kids won't be allowed in school, school districts are struggling to keep up with filing new records. Religious exemptions for vaccines are still allowed. Schools have seen a significant jump in those numbers since the new law passed.

An early fall cold snap: It's chilly out there right now. Temperatures tanked to the 40s and 30s across Western Washington on Monday morning. It will be a colder week with highs barely scraping the low 60s. Stevens Pass already got some snow:

Get ready for Everett's plastic bag ban: Starting Monday, Everett stores won't carry plastic bags. Paper bags will cost 5 cents. Bring your own reusable bag!

Former Seattle mayor calls on the state to "come down hard on Facebook" over local political ads: Mike McGinn calls Facebook a "rogue platform." (Deep backstory here.)

Trump wholeheartedly believed in Ukraine conspiracy theory: Despite his team constantly telling him that there was no basis for his theory that Ukraine, not Russia, had intervened in the 2016 election, Trump and Rudy Giuliani pursued Ukraine's exclusive dirt on Democrats. Trump is facing impeachment because he subscribed to a false narrative that many top advisers tried their hardest to tell him wasn't true. According to a recent CBS poll, 55 percent of Americans support an impeachment inquiry.

Meanwhile, Trump has suggested arresting Representative Adam Schiff: Cool, cool, a regular start to a regular day in our regular democracy. Trump is calling Schiff—the Democratic chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, which is investigating the whistle-blower complaint against Trump—treasonist. It seems like a pretty tough jump to call someone investigating your request to a foreign country to get dirt on a political rival as the one "doing treason."

The Free Solo sequel looks great:

Child porn is on the rise: For some reason, there's a massive increase in the number of sexually abusive images and videos of children being shared on the internet. Tech companies flagged 45 million illegal images last year. That number is record-breaking, double the amount from last year.

Facebook is exempting politicians from being fact-checked: The social-media company and the glutton for your data is totally cool with politicians just espousing whatever the fuck they want, since everything they say is "newsworthy." Facebook has not clearly defined what a "politician" is.

Simone Biles who? Something about this video is so funny to me. Maybe the uncanniness? Maybe I'm just reimagining the plot of I, Robot where the robots do gymnastic routines instead of murdering humanity.

California college athletes can make bank now: Governor Gavin Newsom has signed a bill that will allow NCAA athletes to be paid through endorsement deals. The bill has the capacity to change sports as we know it, blurring the line between professional sports and the historic amateur world of college play. While the California Legislature overwhelmingly backed the bill, Newsom is facing pushback from the NCAA and colleges like UCLA and Stanford.

Here's a video about it: Look, I know there's more to talk about, but... is Gavin Newsom... kind of hot?

Finally, tech we can use: All I can imagine is the neighbors noticing your trash is taking itself out and talking shit about you on NextDoor.

A porny prank: Someone allegedly hacked into the digital promotion screens outside an Auckland, New Zealand, Asics store. The screens, instead of advertising the athletic brand, were playing porn. It played for around two hours. This is my favorite line from the article: "Some people were shocked, but others just stopped and watched."

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