Two protestors, Cody and Caro, outside of Caffé Vita in Capitol Hill.
Two protestors, Cody and Caro, outside of Caffé Vita in Capitol Hill. Rich Smith

A 25-year-old man who climbed Aurora Bridge for nearly two hours has been arrested: A photo in the Seattle Times showed the man barefoot, walking across the bridge's beams. The man, perhaps poignantly, descended around 4:20 p.m.

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There's a protest going on outside Caffé Vita: About 15 supporters of Caffe Vita baristas have gathered at Pike and 10th to protest what they say is a newly enforced policy against giving away old pastries and coffee to the homeless. (The Stranger's Rich Smith has more details behind the protest here.) “Calling all regulars,” one demonstrator shouted, as they attempted to gather more to join their flock. People are stopping and talking to the workers. “We’ve received no negative feedback so far,” said Cody, who helped organize the protest. Some more shots:



A change in policing: A new Crosscut report from reporter David Kroman detailed how "Seattle police officers this summer returned to routinely arresting and booking sex workers on Aurora Avenue in North Seattle." There appears to be an uptick in sex workers in the area, perhaps due to the federal shutdown of Backpage. Reporter Erica C. Barnett and Kroman tweeted that the details revealed in Crosscut's reporting "greatly angered" several council members today, including Sally Bagshaw and Teresa Mosqueda.

The teetotaler-in-chief's administration wants to impose tariffs on European booze and cheese: Everything from gouda cheese to single-malt whiskey to large aircraft. From AP:

The latest escalation in the administration’s tariffs will open a new chapter in the trade wars that are depressing the world economy and heightening fears of a global recession. It comes just as the Trump administration is in the midst of trying to negotiate a resolution to its high-stakes trade war with China.

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Amber Guyger is going to prison for murdering her neighbor, Botham Jean: She was sentenced to only 10 years. "Prosecutors had asked jurors to sentence Guyger to at least 28 years—symbolic because Jean would have turned 28 last Sunday," writes NBC News.

Seattle is prepping for snow: Heidi Groover at the Seattle Times has a good report on how the city is getting ready for Seattle's new normal: record-breaking snowfall. "Eighty thousand tons of salt, 'tens of thousands' of tire chains and plenty of extra training and practice. Those are among the preparations underway at local transportation agencies in case of another major snowstorm this winter," writes Groover.

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Post-truth politics are alive and well: While there is "no evidence of wrongdoing by either Joe or Hunter Biden," according to CNN, the State Department inspector general gave Congress a packet today that contained "the same unproven claims" about the Bidens that Trump has been screaming about on Twitter. Rep. Jamie Raskin said it was "essentially a packet of propaganda and disinformation spreading conspiracy theories" and that it felt like a "completely irrelevant distraction." Much like everything that Trump tweets...

The President tweeted a Nickelback meme: Is a 13-year-old handling Trump's account? Is Barron running social media now? (Speaking of Barron, have you checked in on him recently? He's over 6 feet tall.)

Well, I guess you could call this a strategy: CNN has a video on how Graham went from a Trump critic to supporter here.

Trump is claiming that Schiff "helped write" the whistle-blower complaint: There's also no evidence to support his claim. "At no point did the Committee review or receive the complaint in advance," committee spokesman Patrick Boland told NBC News.

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Trump also got real snippy with the press today, per usual: It's caused #TrumpMeltdown to trend on Twitter.

New Parasite trailer is out: It won the Palme D'or and will play at the Orcas Island Film Fest (OIFF) next weekend. Stranger's Jasmyne Keimig will be on the island for the fest.

Rich Smith contributed to this post.

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