He says hes not quitting.
He says he's not quitting. MARK MAKELA / GETTY IMAGES

Secretary of State Pompeo claims the White House and State Department will cooperate with the impeachment inquiry: He made the announcement on PBS NewsHour today. “I've made clear, I think the White House has made very clear, we will ensure that we do everything that we're required to do by the law and the Constitution. Every time," Pompeo said, reports CNN. Someone should pass the memo along to Giuliani.

Everyone wants in on the Yeehaw: More country/pop hybrids are on the way. Justin Bieber just made a country track, "10,000 Hours," and other pop artists have stuff in the works. Call it the "Old Town Road" effect.

Council Member Teresa Mosqueda had her baby! Meet Camila Elena Valdes-Mosqueda, the first council member baby. As the world's first Hooters baby (my mom, an Original Hooters Girl, worked at Hooters while she was pregnant), I know a celebrity baby when I see one.

Tragedy in Germany: There was a deadly anti-Semitic shooting in Germany today that left two people dead outside of a synagogue. The gunman live-streamed the attack on the gaming platform Twitch. At the beginning of the stream, the gunman "denies the Holocaust and lists what he sees as the world’s problems, including feminism that leads to low birthrates and immigration." One suspect is in custody. More from the Washington Post here.

Ballard fire fundraiser passes $60K: The GoFundMe's goal was originally set to $25K but raised to $65K once "the extent of damage" was properly "understood." The photos from this MyBallard post show the extent of the damage—the businesses definitely suffered a "total loss."

ICYMI: This must be the work of aliens. Or witches. Probably witches.

Speaking of spooky shit: Remember those 26 Seattle City Light utility poles in Tukwila that mysteriously collapsed last April? That sent two people to the hospital? An outside investigation has concluded that they "toppled because several of the poles had rotten cores and were significantly weaker than when they were installed," writes the Seattle Times. The impeachment inquiry gives us enough rotten cores to report on—this is 26 rotten cores too far!!

More rot: Bloomberg is reporting that Trump "urged" former secretary of state Rex Tillerson to convince the Justice Department to drop a criminal case against an Iranian-Turkish gold trader who was a client of Mr. Rudy Giuliani. The man was being prosecuted in New York on charges of evading sanctions. Tillerson refused, according to Bloomberg's report. The White House did not provide comment.

Headline of the Day: "Family on SC vacation pulls 44 pounds of cocaine from ocean"

Someone put an RV outside of Council Member Lisa Herbold's house: "Dori 4 Gov" and "Listen to Dori" was spray-painted on to it. The Dori it's referring to, of course, is KIRO Radio host Dori Monson.

Dori's on the case: Apparently the RV was smelly and filled with garbage. A "listener" spray-painted the RV with Dori's name, according to Dori. "We do not condone or encourage the destruction of private property … but I must admit, it was quite funny," he wrote.

Did Ari Hoffman do it? "Herbold said she instantly thought of Ari Hoffman, an activist who ran an unsuccessful campaign for the District 2 City Council seat and had threatened earlier this week to tow just such a vehicle to other councilmembers’ homes," writes Scott Greenstone at the Seattle Times. The Times could not confirm it was Hoffman.

The "traffic czar" is leaving: Mike Worden, Seattle's official traffic czar, was getting paid a nice $195,000 to work as the city's “Citywide Mobility Operations Coordinator.” He will step down at the end of the year, according to MyNorthwest. I think this means traffic has been solved.

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Bipartisan sanctions against Turkey: Senators Lindsey Graham (Republican weasel) and Chris Van Hollen (Democratic former-redhead) have announced sanctions they have drafted against Turkey, which recently launched a military offensive against US-allied Kurd forces in Syria. Graham released an outline of these sanctions on Twitter:

Sanders says he "misspoke" yesterday: when he said he was slowing down his campaign after his recent heart attack. "“We’re going to get back into the groove of a very vigorous campaign,” he told NBC. For his own health, I hope it is not too vigorous.

HOUSEKEEPING! I'm headed to Florida tomorrow morning to visit family, including my aunt. I will be out of the office until next Wednesday. You'll get a different Stranger writer covering Slog PM each day until my return. God bless.