If anyone calls this making HERstory I will scream.
If anyone calls this "making HERstory," I will scream. Stocktrek Images/Getty

Navigation Team under fire: The team that sweeps homeless people is being scrutinized by the Seattle City Council. Proposals by Council Members Kshama Sawant and Lisa Herbold suggest either doing away with the team entirely (Sawant) or tying the future of the team to quarterly reports to track improvement (Herbold). The efficacy of the team, whose responsibility is to clear homeless camps and ideally connect homeless people to shelters, has been called into question recently. Sawant would rather divert the $8 million allocated in the budget to the Navigation Team to services that directly help people on the street.

An attempted kidnapping in Bremerton: A 16-year-old and her 4-year-old sibling were walking near Bremerton Elementary School when a white van pulled up and a masked man jumped out. As he began to approach, the teen swooped her sibling into her arms and ran. Police are still looking for the suspect.

Protest at the Port: Of Vancouver. Environmental activists in Vancouver, Washington, blocked a rail line that was facilitating the transport of pipes that would help build a Canadian oil pipeline. It's a resistant effort against the expansion of the Canadian Trans Mountain Pipeline, which would add 600 miles of new pipeline and boost capacity to three million gallons of crude and refined oil a day. Hey, Governor Jay Inslee, how does Washington's role in this project fit into the whole "stop-climate-change" thing?

While you were sleeping:... There were three robberies at Seattle convenience stores. In one night! Three suspects are still at large for one robbery in South Seattle and two in North Seattle.

More rain is on the way this morning: I can't tell if it's raining right now. My sources say that the next round of showers will start sometime this morning and continue into the afternoon.

Here's what could be in store for us for winter: Warmer than normal!

Turkey violated truce, Kurds say: President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey and Vice President Mike Pence of the US negotiated a cease-fire as part of a larger agreement to allow the Turkish army to remain in northern Syria. This agreement was an all-out victory for Turkey. However, the Kurdish forces have said that Turkey has not honored the cease-fire and continued fighting. Journalists in the area also heard gunfire.

An attempt to catch El Chapo's son: The drug lord's son, Ovidio Guzmán López, was the center of a standoff between cartel gunmen and soldiers in the city of Culiacán yesterday. Guzmán López was detained but ultimately released by soldiers, a humiliation to the government. The shoot-out caused a "self-imposed state of emergency" in the city and was one of the worst shoot-outs that the seasoned drug reporter who was on the scene had witnessed.

The first all-female spacewalk is happening today: NASA tried to make this happen months ago, but one of the astronaut's spacesuits was too big since NASA hadn't provided enough suits that would fit its female crew. There are spacesuits that fit this time around. Astronauts Jessica Meir and Christina Koch already started their mission earlier this morning. It will last up to six hours. You can watch here.

Tragedy in Pennsylvania: Two young children have died after being found hanging in their Pennsylvania basement. The mother called 911 to report that her 8-year-old son, who had been bullied, had threatened to do this and "didn't want to go alone." His 4-year-old sister was found with him. The children died three days after being transported to the hospital. There are some weird details in the case, however. Like for some reason the mom has multiple (at least three) cell phones. And the police have issued a warrant for "a dog — a black husky-pit bull mix weighing 50 pounds" that "would help in reconstructing what happened." Police did not elaborate. Cause or manner of death has not been determined.

The front page of a Ukrainian paper today:

Climate change is fuckin' wild, guys: Qatar is so hot that authorities have placed giant air conditioners outside to cool things down a bit. Places like soccer stadiums and outdoor malls are getting the outdoor air-conditioning treatment. This band-aid solution, however, will only serve to accelerate the climate crisis since the air conditioners run on fossil fuels and emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Iowa family's basement of blood: A family in Bagley, Iowa, had their basement filled with "nearly five inches of animal blood, fat, and bones." It was a result of drainage from a meat locker next door.

Watch that last bit of runway, it's a doozy: A flight in Alaska overshot the runway.

A fun fact for your Friday: Having sex and ironing clothes burn the same amount of calories.

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