Trudeau wins a second term but his party lost the popular vote.
Trudeau won a second term, but his party lost the popular vote. DREW ANGERER/GETTY IMAGES

Vapers rise up: Washington State is getting sued for its flavored vape ban. The Vapor Technology Association, a national trade organization, and Baron Enterprises LLC, which you may know better as the Vaporium, allege that the ban "exceeds the board's statutory authority." They're hoping to get the ban overturned because it will destroy the $484 million nicotine vapor products industry. The ban was put into effect to address the mysterious and lethal vaping illness sweeping the nation and also the fact that teens love to vape.


Breaking news from "": This was under the "Top 2nd Amendment Stories" on their site, which is probably not great news. A Washington State judge has struck down a safe storage law passed by Edmonds City Council members because it violates "the state’s firearms preemption law." That's a win for the gun lovers and Second Amendment aficionados. Edmonds is appealing the decision.

Justin Trudeau pulls through: The Canadian prime minister will be prime minister again, three times doing blackface be damned. Trudeau and the Liberal Party won the election, but the Conservative Party won the popular vote.

A rough weekend for this pot shop: Everett's Purple Haze Pot Shop was burglarized twice in 24 hours, once on Saturday at 4 a.m. and again on Sunday at 3 a.m. It's unclear how much merchandise was taken.

A rough existence for WeWork: The embattled start-up-turned-real-estate-cult/pipe-dream is making plans to lay off droves of workers. Thousands will lose their jobs. That is, once WeWork has enough money for severance pay. The only reason workers haven't been fired is because "WeWork only has weeks of money left."

Who called the cops on this glorious hog? The Pierce County Sheriff's Department was busy with a late-night call about a giant pig walking down the street. He was just minding his own damn business, let him be.

King County rivers are burstin': They're swollen with rainwater. Flood warnings have been issued in Clallam, Jefferson, Mason, King, and Snohomish Counties as of last night.

But the rain in Seattle may be done for now: It'll be a chilly fall day, but the heavy rainfall is over.

Jimmy Carter had a fall: The former president, who just turned 95, fractured his pelvis during a fall in his Georgia home. Jimmy sure has been through the ringer this month. Two weeks ago, he fell and hit his head in his home. He was back hammering way at a Habitat for Humanity site right after, though.

Did he just...? Yep. He did. Donald Trump just called the impeachment inquiry a lynching.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development screwed over Puerto Rico: Knowingly. Officials from HUD admitted at a congressional hearing this week that the department knowingly missed a deadline that would have made relief funding available to Puerto Rico in the wake of 2017's Hurricane Maria. The deadline was legally required. "HUD had filed funding notices to 18 states affected by disasters on Sept. 4. They published all the notices except Puerto Rico’s," NBC reports. The delay made it so Puerto Rico could not start drafting a response plan to address hurricane-caused destruction.

My Halloween costume this year will be this: The mysterious petroleum sludge showing up on Brazil's shores.

A Tahiti shark attack: A French tourist on a whale-watching trip was swimming when an oceanic whitetip shark attacked her. It ripped off both of her hands.

Woman witnessed a robbery while playing Pokémon Go: The 21-year-old New Mexico woman was playing the mobile game with her boyfriend when she stumbled across a robbery in progress. She was shot and killed.

Wait, actually, this is my Halloween costume: The blob. The spineless, brainless, yellow-mass-of-an-organism that can solve mazes, heal itself, sprint about four centimeters an hour (same), is neither plant nor animal but a type of slime mold, loves to eat oats, and has more than 700 sexual types. It will be a very topical costume, as the blob is just now being displayed for the first time at the Paris Zoo. I bet it's an alien. Or a new LGBTQ icon. Move over, Babadook.

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Put this on your reading list:: Inside the Phone Company Secretly Run by Drug Traffickers.

Okay, last Halloween costume idea, I swear: I want to be this sad, sad Eagles fan.

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