Uploading this video of the weird way you brush your teeth to the dark web.
Uploading this video of the weird way you brush your teeth to the dark web. sompong_tom/Getty Images

An update on the truckload from hell: A truck from Belgium wound up in London. Someone called emergency services. The truck was found to have a load entirely of dead bodies. There were 39 corpses in the back. It has been determined that all 39 of them were Chinese nationals. There are eight women and 31 men. The driver remains in custody and is under suspicion for murder. The investigation continues.

15 years later, a suspect: This woman was 15 years old when she was raped. She is now 30, and her rape kit has finally been tested. There's a DNA match. Her kit had been one of the thousands stored with police that were designated as "inactive" and weren't tested. That was the case until 2015, when lawmakers required all rape kits to be tested and allocated the funds to do so. The woman's rapist was found. He was already in prison for a robbery but was sentenced to seven years for the rape.

What's your take on whale-watching limits? The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) wants to know. Stricter whale-watching boundaries have been implemented by Washington State to protect orcas. NOAA wants to know what you think—is it worth it? You may have to squint your eyes more to see Free Willy breach, but the distance may also save his life. The public comment or scoping period is open for 60 days and may dictate the future of whale watching in the state.

Crisp and lovely: Once the morning fog and clouds burn off, we're in for another great day.

Quid pro quo confirmed: In an undermining of one of President Donald Trump's key defenses against impeachment, it has been confirmed that military aid to Ukraine was suspended. Top officials in Ukraine knew in the first week of August that $391 million in security assistance had been delayed. According to testimony from William B. Taylor Jr., the top US diplomat in Kiev, the delay was directly linked to Trump's demand, reports the New York Times.

I've had it up to here with Puget Sound Energy: The natural-gas company that warms most of Seattle wants to make us pay more. Fourteen percent more. That's about an extra $8 per gas bill per household. The rates are being adjusted to reflect the wholesale cost of natural gas, the Seattle Times reports. Natural gas is not worth it, PSE. Switch to renewables or we won't pay, you bastards.

Gene Balk at the Seattle Times poses a good question: Most people in Seattle are from somewhere else. So what does that say about the ‘Seattle Freeze’?

No one yelled "timber": A tree crashed into the living room where two teenagers were watching TV. No one was seriously hurt.

Logjam in Everett: Heavy rainfall and flooding on the Snohomish River have snarled a mess under the Highway 2 trestle near Everett. A rising tide lifts all logs, that's the saying, yes? The logjam extends for 100 yards. It's a football field's worth of tangled wood and debris. Some logs in the mix are 40 feet long. Crews are still working to clear the jam.

Seattle Sounders advance: They're going to the Western Conference Finals.

Missing hiker still missing: Rachel Lakoduk, 28, is from Moses Lake. She has been missing for a week. When she didn't return from a hike, her family assumed she had taken refuge in a small cabin. Search and rescue crews have searched the cabin but have not found Lakoduk. Her family fears that she is dead.

Rick Perry made the call to make the call: Energy Secretary Rick Perry was the one who told Trump to make the call to Ukraine's president, the call that's the center of the impeachment inquiry into Trump. This whole article is a Perry life history. The only part I care about is that he was on Dancing with the Stars and somehow I didn't know. Perry is resigning later this year. Here's his cha-cha:

16 people charged with murder for student's death: A Bangladeshi teenager was set on fire by 16 people after she accused a teacher of sexual harassment. Three teachers were involved in the murder, and it was orchestrated by the head teacher at the school. Local police had even tried to change the narrative and say the girl had committed suicide. They have all been sentenced to death for her murder.

Good luck retiring at 65, you idiots: Are you a millennial? Did you want to retire one day? What are you, delusional? If you do want to retire, you should be saving half of your paycheck. Oh, you want to pay rent? You want to eat? You want to buy a ticket for a John Mayer concert? Well, then you will be working until you're in the grave, you poor sap. Should've been born earlier like the Gen Xers and baby boomers before you.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez lays into Mark Zuckerberg: AOC laid into Zuck about Facebook's political ad policies. She asked him if she could run fake political ads, too. “Do you see a potential problem here with a complete lack of fact-checking on political advertisements?" Ocasio-Cortez asked.

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Japanese hotel robots were hackable: The hotel chain is now apologizing for not listening to warnings about how anyone could hack into robots in its rooms and, uh, watch. The Henn na Hotel is staffed by robots, including a bedside robot that will help with all guest needs. I just want to include this specific line from the original article: "The hotel is one of a chain of 10 in Japan which use a variety of robots instead of meat-based staff." I identify as meat-based. Anyway, someone could have easily been spying on guests.

Look at how excited these kids are to meet Jeff Bezos: My favorite is the kid who turns around and obviously asks his friend, "Who is that man?"

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