Youve only got a few more days to eat Niches delicious club sandwich.
You've only got a few more days to eat Niche's delicious club sandwich. Jessica Stein

House Democrats announce they will have their first impeachment vote this week: The vote isn't to impeach Trump, but a vote that will set out ground rules for the inquiry. Republicans seized on the announcement (see tweet below). Democrats described the vote as a "necessary next step to lay out the rules for conducting [the inquiry] in public."

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Roll back your clocks on Sunday: Get ready for the Big Dark. Daylight saving time officially ends this weekend. Wasn't Washington state supposed to stop this stupid practice? Sort of. From MyNorthwest:

In order for Washington to remain on Daylight Saving Time for good, one of two things needs to occur: U.S. Congress passes legislation granting [Washington] state a federal waiver, or the U.S. Secretary of Transportation approves the move himself.

Beloved gluten-free bakery Niche is closing: They will serve their last batches this Thursday, October 31. Managing editor Leilani Polk, our resident gluten-intolerant staffer, released this official statement on the closure: "NOOOOOO! NONONO. SERIOUSLY, no. Where will I get my GF Nutella-filled wafflini??!?!?!?" Capitol Hill Seattle Blog has the scoop.

New emojis are out: Finally, yonic representation with the oyster emoji. Also, there's period blood.

Boris Johnson keeps losing: The blubbering UK Prime Minister was handed another defeat today when Parliament shot down his bid to hold an early election before the end of the year. Johnson said earlier that an election was "the only way forward." In other Brexit news today, the EU has agreed to a "flextension," a three-month Brexit extension. If you need some help wading through this epic quagmire, I recommend the BBC podcast Brexitcast.

Most of WeWork's employees are pissed about their former CEO's $1.7 billion exit package: The troubled "tech company" was recently bailed out by the Japanese tech investor SoftBank. Part of that bailout package was an unprecedented exit package for its former failed CEO/founder, Adam Neumann. A new survey conducted by Recode shows that "a whopping 85 percent of WeWork employees said this severance isn’t fair." WeWork has been delaying layoffs because the company reportedly couldn't afford severance packages. Now that WeWork has been bailed out, layoffs are expected to be announced soon. Presumably, no one will be walking away with billion-dollar exit packages.

Did you go bar hopping around Capitol Hill last weekend for Halloween? If so, you might be in this Halloween photo round-up on Capitol Hill Seattle Blog. I spy Lizzo, Rita Repulsa, and some Nascar technicians.

Trump tweets out picture of hero dog who helped capture and kill ISIS leader Baghdadi: The dog, whose name is still classified, chased Baghdadi down a tunnel after he was believed to be wearing a suicide vest. The dog was electrocuted but is recovering. Trump said Baghdadi "died like a dog,” but I'm assuming he did not die like this dog, who is a very good boy girl (not to open a can of worms here, or to assume gender based on genitalia, BUT IF YOU ZOOM IN ON THE DOG'S GENITALS...).

Curious about that "JEDI" contract? GeekWire published a nice, quick primer on the $10 billion military cloud contract Microsoft won last Friday. Noteworthy: Amazon may appeal the Department of Defense's decision to award Microsoft the contract. Some suggest Trump's bias against Amazon inspired the Microsoft pick.

The search for a missing hiker in the Cascade Mountains of Skagit County has ended: and sadly become a recovery mission. The 28-year-old hiker, Rachel Lakoduk, did not return from an overnight hike mid-October. The family posted on Facebook today that "despite multiple efforts to rescue Rachel off the mountain, none of the SAR teams were able to locate her."

Were you affected by the light rail closures the past few weekends? Some relief is coming.

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California fire updates: The Getty museum is believed to be safe from the ongoing and new Getty Fire—but Kamala Harris's home was evacuated. Investigators are still determining the cause of the Getty Fire. Meanwhile, power lines may have caused two fires that started in the San Francisco Bay Area over the weekend. Also, Uber riders who use the code "CALFIRERELIEF19" get $20 off rides to select evacuation zones. Poor drivers.

The gender reveal parties are getting out of control: "Woman killed by pipe bomb explosion at gender reveal party identified"

It's cold out there: Don't forget to wear a hat.

Mt. Rainier with a hat from r/Seattle

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