"he makes between $100,000 and $200,000 as a retired police officer" Was this fact checked? Unless police retirement packages are way better than I imagined, it seems like there's something strange going on with that number.


What’s with these salary ranges? They’re so broad as to be virtually meaningless?


@3 A lot of Champagne Socialists in Seattle. Just look at Goldy’s boss.


How or why would the questionnaire list a category from $200K to $1 million?
This category is so broad, it's meaningless.
Finding any property under $200K is not possible in King County.


There is a reason most European countries have turned to some form of social democracy; because they spent the last 500 or so years trying literally everything else. They've done the killing and the slaughter and we should look to them for what works, and see if we can find a constructive and sustainable way of applying the wisdom of their comparative systems to our own and discarding what does not, scientifically and conscientiously. We have already seen what Wall Street will do with its egregiously centralized profits at the expense of the greater common good and our human capital; tax cuts, transfer pricing, buybacks, and the Panama Papers. Teddy Roosevelt's corpse should be out doing somersaults.

Social Democracy and luxury goods are not mutually exclusive. Democratic socialists do not seek to abolish capitalism, but to make the free market work through honest sustainable regulation, checks and balances, and feedback loops of more consumers. Healthy workers are productive workers. Unharassed workers are productive workers. Nutritiously well-fed workers are productive workers. Well paid workers have more disposable income to invest and compete and purchase goods and support innovation. At a certain point, as GDP increases and wages stay flat per capital, then net purchasing power decreases for individuals if their wages, unlike their fluctuating costs of living and food (which are traded on Wall Street in commodities), which are sabotaging our communities and leaving our citizens out to dry and bake and freeze. What is at stake is the balance of control of matters of life and liberty between the public and private sector, and the value of humans as providers of goods and services, and not commodities themselves.

Obviously we cannot simply throw money at the problem, but demonizing people and trampling on the Good Samaritans who must pick up the slack when the holy are pious are corrupted by greed will only produce more waste and feckless hotdogging and grandstanding. No matter who gets elected, make sure they respond to the needs of the community first. Have the courage to get out there and vote and voice your concerns. You will be happier for it.


"Pugel... says he makes between $100,000 and $200,000 as a retired police officer."

How could a retired person not know exactly how much he is getting? I know my pension amount down to the penny.


And now we know why Tavel's unpaid traffic tickets went to collection.


Keep in mind, that apparently, this doesn't include savings/retirement accounts so that could be another part of the puzzle.


You can look these things up, you know. According to the Tacoma News Tribune City of Seattle employee database, Lewis made $71,994 from his city job last year, while Strauss was paid $75,341.


Wow we have a lot of rich socialists here.


@5 I'm guessing it's probably a property that was purchased at a reasonable price a few years ago that has since skyrocketed in resale value—but pretty meaningless still. Equity in investment properties is one thing, the arbitrary value of ones primary residence doesn't tell us much.


Champagne is like, what, $50.00?

The point of socialism is that people can actually have enough disposable income to purchase a few luxury goods here and there and participate in free enterprise, instead of allocating expenses on basic life necessities and being so busy working at low-wage positions that generate far more income than their earnings, such that they have to get predatory payday loans and pay tens of thousands on everyday procedures, all so they can't pay a bit more in taxes and have those expenses covered globally, instead of having to somehow allocate enough nonexistent indispensable income from basic necessities in order to merely keep a roof over one's head and do their job. If the many shoulder a few pounds of this massive burden, it becomes lightened and easier to carry, such that you actually have a better economy.

I wouldn't want to live in a country where the common person couldn't afford to toast the new year with a bottle of champagne.


I got yer rich 'socialists' right here.


Egan, single cis white male purchased his home in 2001 for $230k. It’s now appraised at $633k. That doesn’t include the remodel he is doing right now, with the permitted work adding $232,345 value to his home. Public information.

Sawant’s purchased her home in 2014 with her partner after renting for many years. Her purchase price was $345k. The home is assessed currently at $608k- in other words LESS than Egan’s tax assessment, before the remodel in the works rn.
And about employment! Egan reports 3 incomes but we know 1 is no more because the chamber folded under his leadership. It is quite the range for his salaries though! At least he can’t file taxes like that.... maybe I made 100k, maybe it was 200k *shrugs

Egan exclusively uses his for profit event company (salary bwtn $100-200k lol) to turn pride into a corporate shit show while getting paid another salary (up to a $100k a year to contract with his own NonProfit company). Hmmmmm.

Then he can’t even be bothered to submit his annual report, putting the org into delinquent status and risking administrative dissolution or termination. This already happened to him in 2012 so I don’t know why he didn’t learn his lesson the last time his company was administratively dissolved for not filing on time! In fact his Nonprofit Pridefest also faced dissolution the year before that in 2017 and had to be reinstated to be in good standing. He currently needs to finish his Annual report for pridefest by the first. Think he’ll be late filing yet again??? People seem to skip this part when lamenting about how a Socialist makes donations to her party (that her husband also works for) from her salary and is also a paid community organizer. Let's go to the grocery story and criticize the typed of food purchases she makes with her tax payer salary! Are her shoes too fancy? The horror!

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