Lets get a food truck at the base and a wi-fi router at the peak.
Let's get a food truck at the base and a wi-fi router at the peak. AAAAIMAGES/GETTY IMAGES

It's Election Day: Forgive me for sounding like a broken record, but it's time to vote in Washington. Really, it's been time to vote for like two weeks—since we have mail-in ballots—but I'M NOT JUDGING if you haven't voted yet. (I see you, people reading our endorsements right now at 6 a.m.) I'm only judging if you don't vote at all. So do it. If you lost your ballot, here's how you can still vote. Get them to a ballot drop box before 8 p.m. today!

This could be your ballot! Only if you voted, of course.

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Nine Americans killed in Mexico: The three women and six children killed were members of a Mormon community based in the border region. The family—the LeBarón family—had dual Mexican and American citizenship. They were driving in three cars in Northern Mexico when gunmen, believed to be from organized crime, attacked. A car was set on fire, mothers and children were gunned down, nine are dead but some fear the death toll will rise. In a tweet, Trump offered to help Mexico eradicate cartels.

A P-Patch sacrifice: The hockey gods are not satisfied. We must give them more blood. Here, take the P-Patch on top of the Mercer Street Garage. The garden will live to see one more spring, and then it will be mercy killed in favor of... parking. The new hockey stadium needs more hockey parking. Like the co-head gardener told the Seattle Times, it's like that Joni Mitchell song, "'Pave paradise, put up a parking lot.' That’s basically what they’re doing."

Move over, Modern Family: This is the real family sitcom we should be watching. New drone footage above and below the water shows two full days with the southern resident J pod orcas and the new baby in the pod (!!!) as well as some time with the northern residents. It turns out that killer whales are touchy-feely and playful. Who's optioning this pilot???

Fife quarterback makes history: Fife High School's quarterback got injured during a playoff game against Clover Park. Their backup quarterback, Brynna Nixon, threw a touchdown pass late in the second half. It was the first time a female quarterback had thrown a touchdown pass in Fife history.

Speaking of touchdowns: Check out this incredible touchdown run from Monday night.

Trump wants to modernize national parks: This bastard wants to privatize national park campgrounds. He's envisioning "modernization" that includes "food trucks, wi-fi, and even Amazon deliveries," according to the Guardian. Um??? John Muir and Teddy Roosevelt just rolled in their graves. The administration would also like to cut funding to the National Park Service by 15 percent, a service that is already underfunded and experiencing a maintenance backlog of $11 billion.

Some good news for Delhi: The air quality has improved! To "very poor."

Progress on the East Link light rail connection: Bellevue has literally never looked sexier.

The United States is officially out of the Paris climate accord: Great news! The US will sit out while the rest of the world tries to figure out how to stop climate change without the help of the largest economy. It may be difficult to attempt to reenter the accord, assuming someone else (read: someone with a brain or a conscience, hoping for both may be unrealistic) takes office.

Man dies for Popeyes chicken sandwich: The sandwich is officially back in Popeyes restaurants. It's been a feeding frenzy. Someone at a Popeyes just outside Washington, DC, tried to cut in line. A fight broke out. It was taken out to the parking lot. One man stabbed another man to death. “We have been able to determine, preliminarily, that this is related to the release of the sandwich here at this restaurant," a police spokesperson said.

Roger Stone's criminal trial is getting started: The jury selection process is starting in the trial of Trump's longtime adviser Roger Stone (he reminds me of the Batman villain the Penguin) who faces charges from Robert Mueller's investigation. The charges are "obstructing justice, witness tampering, and lying to the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee."

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Want to win two sideline tickets to the Sounders game?: All you have to do to score seats to the sold-out MLS Cup final at CenturyLink Field is publicly embarrass yourself.

Okay, one last thing: Make sure all of you procrastinators vote. If you don't have the time to sift through our wordy endorsements (though you should read them, they are quite the work of art), we have a handy-dandy voting cheat sheet, too.

Today's EverOut picks are: ACT Theatre's production of Dracula, one of the last nights of Seattle Restaurant Week, and a show with Peter Hook & the Light. See more on our EverOut Things To Do calendar.

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