Whats up, whats going on here?
"What's up, what's going on here?" Jasmyne Keimig

Lulu Yee’s ceramic figures have power. That is certain. It is a power that is not overbearing, but attractive. These beings she crafted, sculpted, painted, draw you in to examine all its parts: a tail here, a wayward arm there, eyelashes that decorate the eye so that the face appears to have a perma-frozen expression of surprise. Or wonderment. It's a reflection of whatever aspect you're admiring about her work.

The figures are all a part of her show I am attracted to you at cogean? gallery in Bremerton, which is located in the home of artist power couple Joey Veltkamp and Ben Gannon. Bushwick-based Yee's exhibition represents the end of the experimental gallery's two-year run which began in 2018 with Erin Frost's traces / you know the way. Yee's exuberantly bright and curious gnome figures are a fantastic note for the gallery to end on.

Yee carefully molded my spirit (see above) and didnt even know it.
Yee carefully molded my spirit and didn't even know it. JK

When I visited cogean?, I was struck by the joyousness of Yee’s work. Her gnomes come from the depths of the kindest imagination, reminiscent of real-life animals combined with ones that crawl out of flower-filled dreams: sloths that walk like llamas, dogs with the grace of cows, monkeys with ornate headpieces. Yee often photographs her creations in situ, against the craggy landscapes of Iceland and Montana (places where she also calls home), giving them a life and consciousness hinted at in a normal gallery viewing of her work.

I would strongly urge future visitors to find their own likeness in one of the many ceramic sculptures that pepper the gallery walls. I believe I can see myself captured in this four-legged gentle green creature with strong brows and flowers adorning her fur. A calming and curious presence. Lulu Yee's I am attracted to you is up until December 15, with a closing reception that same day from 11-1 pm. All other hours by appointment.