Its a mail-in ballot. Why does everyone wait until Tuesday to send it in?!?!
It's a mail-in ballot. Why does everyone wait until the last day to send it in?!?! SUZIFOO/GETTY IMAGES

THE ELECTION happened: I was up too late to be writing a post this early. You can read about where the Stranger Election Control Board members flitted off to last night and what happened at all the election parties right here. You can see what the results were countywide here and statewide here.

A Ballard robbery: An armed masked suspect stole a woman's purse. A bystander tried to wrestle it away from the robber. But the robber pulled a gun and fired a round into the ground. He got the purse back and took off running with the woman whose purse was stolen in pursuit. He hopped into a car and later shook police officers who were tailing him. "Seattle Police said the robber simply outran officers," according to KOMO. The woman broke her ankle during the chase and was taken to the hospital.

Turkey has captured ISIS leader's wife: Turkey has Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's wife in custody. They also have his brother-in-law. However, "we did not make a fuss like the United States," Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan sneered.

Tom Douglas settles a class-action lawsuit: The restaurateur will have to pay $2.4 million to current and former employees for not properly disclosing how much of an included 20 percent service tax on customers' bills went to the workers.

This video is pure drama:

Sawant's future is looking shaky: So what does that mean for Seattle? Well, mostly it means big business's bet paid off. That centering Kshama Sawant as this election's antagonist, as the brown lady that threatened the entity that delivers Seattle's groceries, television, and next-day delivery packages, worked. Rich Smith has more analysis here.

Mild November continues: I miss our blustery, wet October.

Hole in the Vantage Bridge: Washington State Department of Transportation crews found a hole in the Kittitas County bridge on Monday when they were scheduled to start repairs. They had to pause those repairs to give the hole immediate attention. It has since been patched up and other repairs are happening as planned. No one is sure how the hole happened, but also wear and tear is a thing that WSDOT has come to expect. Gosh, really hoping no bridges break down in post-Initiative 976 Washington.

Early voter turnout was low: Secretary of State Kim Wyman told KIRO 7 that she was "at a loss" for why early voter turnout was so low. On Monday, only about 21 percent of ballots were turned in. On Tuesday afternoon, it was at about 25 percent. Wyman is expecting turnout to total around 40 percent. But, fuck, why don't people vote?

So far, not a progressive slam dunk for Seattle elections: But also, not a corporate takeover. The results, as they stand with the initial ballot drop, are pretty middle-of-the-road. The council, if these results stand, will still have a progressive majority. Amazon's big financial bet didn't pay off 100 percent, but it also didn't repulse voters the way many thought it would. Lester Black has more here.

Here is what's going on in the rest of the country: This CNN host had a roundtable with some Trump supporters. Apparently, nothing will shake their opinion of him. Not even if Trump were hypothetically accused of murder.

Virginia flips blue: For the first time in 26 years of Virginia history, the state will have a Democratic majority in both chambers of its state legislature and governorship. Kentucky also saw a narrow win by a Democrat for governor. Though the Republican candidate has refused to concede.

Gordon Sondland also flipped: Sondland, one of the key witnesses for the impeachment inquiry, has changed his statement. During closed-door hearings last month, Sondland said he had never heard of a "precondition of aid" for Ukraine, or rather a quid pro quo. On Tuesday, Sondland changed his tune; he had told Kiev officials that US military aid was contingent upon Ukraine following up on Trump's investigation orders.

Said a different way:

Kansas City makes a change, too: The Missouri city voted overwhelmingly on Tuesday to change a street from "Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard." The street name had been changed from "The Paseo" to "Martin Luther King Jr." just this January after civil rights leaders scored a win to finally get Kansas City to name a street after King and stop being one of the largest US cities that doesn't honor him. Still, 70 percent of voters chose to remove his name.

While all of this was happening: ABC was hosting The Little Mermaid Live as its latest live musical, the TV event no one asked for that never seems to work. Maybe this is why no one voted—they were all too mesmerized seeing Shaggy as Sebastian the crab:

Oh, and Queen Latifah as Ursula:

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